Most of what is wrong is the result of selectively enforced rights and laws: Links 1, August 23, 2020

1. The result of a carefully parsed narrative on who lives where based on skin colour.

2. Listen to the police argument against a man who thinks people should have a right to know what their food is.

3. Apotex hands Ottawa two million dosages of hydroxychloroquine

(Yes, Ottawa hospitals are treating suspected cases of Covid with HCQ. It seems to be not well known. But they do. And that is a good thing. But it should be available over the counter, and it should be something people can treat themselves at home with and not have to go to a hospital at all.)

The drug that U.S. President Donald Trump so famously referred to as a potential “game changer” in the fight against COVID-19 is getting into the hands of Canadian researchers in droves.

That’s because North York-based Apotex, the country’s largest pharmaceutical company and Canada’s only manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine, is donating two million dosages of the drug to the federal government. Hydroxychloroquine is currently used to treat such conditions as malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and more.

The medication will be set aside for current and future COVID-19 related clinical trials that are approved by Health Canada’s Office of Clinical Trials. Some will also be allocated to the National Emergency Strategic Stockpile (NESS) to provide emergency surge capacity to the provinces and territories in the event of a significant shortage.

Apotex, in recent weeks, shifted production priorities to produce more hydroxychloroquine. The donation will not impact anyone who is currently being treated with the drug.

“Our goal from the outset has been to protect the supply of this product for patients currently using it for approved indications,” Apotex president and CEO Jeff Watson said in a news release. “At the same time, we recognize the importance of building a clinical profile of this medicine to determine its efficacy in treating COVID-19, and we are fortunate to be able to meet both needs.”

(It is far far easier to get heroin, crack or any other illegal drug a person may want than HCQ. We should be resenting this fact with ferocity. We must take the right to treat ourselves how we want. Our body our choice only seems to count when it comes to killing babies. Whatever the claims are about HCQ, it is a far safer drug than Crystal Meth and while that may be illegal, its clearly widely available and is sold and bought under the nose of police everywhere. How very dystopian, and in a Huxleyan way as opposed to Orwell, that we can get any pharmaceutical diversion and not a cheap, safe, lifesaving drug for working people.)

4. Antisemitic Protests Outside Michigan Synagogue Are Allowed, District Judge Rules

Antisemitic protests that have been staged outside a synagogue in Michigan, for nearly two decades will be allowed to continue, a local judge ruled this week.

The demonstrations, featuring signs that say “Jewish Power Corrupts” and “Resist Jewish Power,” have been taking place during Shabbat services at Beth Israel Synagogue in Ann Arbor.

Some members said their right to worship had been violated by offensive signs that caused emotional distress. But US District Judge Victoria Roberts said the protests were protected by the First Amendment, The Detroit Newsreported.

“There is no allegation that the protesters prevent plaintiffs from attending Sabbath services, that they block plaintiffs’ path onto the property or to the synagogue, or that the protests and signs outside affect the services inside,” Roberts said on Wednesday.

(We agree that this is protected speech under first amendment. Its important even. But as the contributor points out: “If this is free speech, then is it OK for a group to picket weekly in front of a Unitarian church with signs saying, ‘Fund the Wall!” “Resist Black Power” “Unitarians pray while immigrants starve'”? The fact that laws and rights and freedoms are being cherry picked by leftist long-marchers to advance a single anti-American, anti-Constitutional agenda, and using that Constitution to do so, is anathema.)

5. This is one to retweet. President Trump actually gets it.

6. Peaceful protests in Denver

7. Anyone wanna interpret?

8. The surprise is the attempt at denial.

9. Fifteen minute video on Gates, Australia and MANDATORY vaccines.

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, WTD., PC., Malca, Pym Purnell, Tania Groth, EB., ML., Yucki, Sassy, and all who continue to pay attention.

I started reading Stephen Coughlin and Rich Higgins’ paper on re-remembering the misremembered left again yesterday. Its even better the second time through.


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8 Replies to “Most of what is wrong is the result of selectively enforced rights and laws: Links 1, August 23, 2020”

  1. Legalized hard drugs? Really?

    Sure. What’s the harm? Free up the prisons a bit.

    Crystal Meth, Coke, heroin, crack, fentanyl…a little dab’ll do ya…

    The dealers must be happy. They just assured their sales because weak-kneed nobodies haven’t got the guts or stamina to eliminate scumbag drug dealers.

    It isn’t as much about the 40 or 50-year old addict on the street (even though he matters), as it is about young people. Unless we’re watching out for them we are delinquent.

    • Substance abuse, mainly alcoholism, is a huge social problem that causes untold damage to our society but you are wrong if you think you can make the problem go away by “getting tough” or thinking of creative solutions. The fact is that a certain percentage of the population drinks and drugs too much and there is nothing you can do to change that. You could eliminate every drug known to man and they’d just invent a new one tomorrow.

      Reliable truthful intelligent education is about all you can do. After that it’s up to the individual if they want to sniff glue or shoot heroin or smoke or drink whiskey or buy lottery tickets. We are free to fuck up our own lives…

  2. If the entire cycle of Covid_19 is a matter of a few weeks why are talks of tests and “controlled studies” always talked about in the future and always seem to be about a year away? Shouldn’t the data have been gathered some time in March and gotten out to the public as soon as it was known? They are planning to run out the clock until something comes along that replaces HCQ so that there is no risk of Donald Trump getting any credit for anything whatsoever. Bastards! They actually want more people to die. Unbelievable evil…

    • There’s nothing new about this plasma treatment. It an oldie. And people I know who had this disease were donating antibody-rich plasma months ago.

      PT just wants to jazz the Dow on a Monday morning.
      (which he did)

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