Seems some normal people decided to fight back in Portland against ANTIFA

It becomes clear watching this video above why various leftist governments like Canada’s and various left run, US states like New York, went to extraordinary lengths to destroy perfectly legal and decent organizations like The Proud Boys. It is because they would not tolerate any organized effort to fight back against the Bolshevik thugs of the communists like ANTIFA and the phoney black rights group, Black Lives Matters.

2017 at Parliament Hill:

October 14, 2018 interview with a man who was expelled from the Canadian Military just for belonging to the Proud Boys. He had not even attended any meetings, and meetings were mostly just having a few beers out with the boys. None of the incredible pressure put on the Proud Boys while none is put on ANTIFA or BLM makes any rational sense unless you view leftist insurgency groups as a thug army of leftist governments who were waiting for a period like this to launch their insurgency.

It all makes sense now. There was NO reason for the New York judiciary to do what it did to Proud Boys who had been attacked by ANTIFA and no reason for what happened to this soldier, other than that the leftist long marchers in Government are determined to do to all patriot groups or anyone willing to resist the communist revolutionary insurgency.

October 19, 2018

What actually happened:

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  1. I attended a conference team call. During the exchange a manager wanted to discuss Black Lives Matter. They gave an example of what they thought of as white racism they experienced many years ago. Inviting grievances. Nothing to do with this present workplace. Two white women cooed sympathy. No cross examination.


    “A struggle session was a form of public humiliation and torture that was used by the Communist Party of China (CPC) at various times in the Mao era, particularly years immediately before and after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and during the Cultural Revolution. The aim of a struggle session was to shape public opinion and humiliate, persecute, or execute political rivals and those deemed class enemies.[1]”

    More signs of Communism to come from various leftist governments like Canada’s indeed.

    • What I discussed, with an upset Christian African after the meeting, was that they believed the white West had demoralized Blacks.
      This is why, she said, men did not stay with the women they produced children with.

      Aside from the fact that Jesus showed the whole world how not to be a slave to intimidation, she expressed exactly how muslims blame everyone else too.

      “Black is beautiful.” No it’s not. (Tantrum).

      “muslims are superior.” No they’re not. (Rage).

      Both demand that kufar/whites submit. (And wont be happy until they are all dead – and still never will).

      Black Lives Matter islam is a Reglion of Peace.
      It’s exactly the same debate about founding narcissists.

      • You’re doing it again, Perfect.
        an upset Christian African…they believed…
        This is why, she said…

        The system is pronoun-ing you.
        Maybe that’s expedient in C[ommie]anda, but be careful not to let it sink in.

  2. Groups like the Proud Boys arise when the police won’t or can’t protect people, the selective enforcement of the law against the Proud Boys shows that the politicians are preventing the police from being neutral. The big difference between the Proud Boys and the neighborhood militias is that the Proud Boys will move out of their neighborhood to protect people and property.

    In many ways the neighborhood militias are the Minute of the Revolution while the Proud Boys are the militias who went out of their home towns to fight the enemy. Not exact parallels but close.

    From what history says the next move is up to Antifa/BLM, they can either up the violence to include more types of weapons including knives and firearms or they can back off. My bet is they will bring out bigger weapons and probably firearms so they can stand off from the people they are fighting. After they are handed their heads a few times by the poli8ce and neighborhood militias they will probably turn to the tactic of setting car and satchel bombs in crowded places. Granted terror bombs work best when people can go to crowded stores and restaurants but I am sure the Antifa leaders will come up with some way to use explosives.

    Remember the goal of the Radical Far Left/communist is to create so much chaos that the Western Nations are ungovernable. Once that level of violence and chaos is reached the left will work to become the Strong Man on a White Horse to ride in and restore peace. They are trying to turn all Western Nations into a combination of Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. There are too many trained vets who are armed and ready to resist for this to work in the US but I don’t know about the rest of the Western Nations. The reports our of Europe show signs (A French Policeman telling the French to go vigilante. The people in Belgium turning on the police.) that say the Europeans are getting fed up and are working to discover the people who will lead them in the counter rebellion to save Europe.

    You also want to remember that no European Nation is lost as long as there are people who are willing to fight. Granted the Europeans are hampered by the gun control laws that have disarmed so many of the European Nation but there are ways around this problem.

    • What happens when a majority of the pop. is tard, or hybrid-vigorous offspring? The invasion has distorted the normal gender balance. Male sub-Saharan African/MENA tribals and women who’ve submitted.

      Doesn’t even have to be a majority, just a given percentage of a dominant demographic cohort. London is already majority minority. Pakistani mores are becoming widespread. FGM and acid attacks.

      It may be Europe on a map, but it’s no longer Western in the ways that count. Then it’s no longer a function of guns or armies. It’s sectarian Lebanon.

  3. This is how these Nazis operate: same think in uk, taking down E.d L but attacking and imprisoning Tommy Robinson and sending him to die amongst the filthy muzz criminals…

    • Terrible thing. Tommy did more than any Brit of his generation, a soldier of valor. And now he and his family are exiles. G-d bless them with long and rich lives, none deserve it more.

      These commie-nazis are doomed. They’ll be the first to be obliterated by the soulless, vicious jihadis.

      Those who watched and did nothing to help Tommy – they might survive. But only as dhimmi-slaves.

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