President Trump undoes some of the huge harm Obama did with his Iran “deal”

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    • 0 deserves credit for some things:
      – Bibi, Modi, and Abe bonded as they were openly demeaned by the Manchurian Potus.

      – Israel and India are having a people-to-people honeymoon. Abe’s been quietly beefing up his military.

      – Israel and Arab countries figured they could no longer trust a bipartisan USA; there was an even chance of an outright enemy in the WH. One in cahoots with shittes lusting for control of Mecca and Medina, or the hated imperialist neo-Ottomans.

  1. Like a Duracell battery
    Donald forges on through the chaotic jungle
    Lighting up a path to a prosperous future for all
    Making one decision after another that puts us on track
    Hopefully enough of the minions will get their votes counted
    Amidst the thwarting of true democratic elections by the democrats
    In power in many states
    This election will be total madness

    If legal voting in person showing registered ID
    We’re to occur Trump wins by a landslide

    However as we all see, this will be blocked by millions of illegal
    Mail in ballots many already in the post

    Sad joke eh…. when the USA supports overseeing proper and legal elections in many hellholes around the world

    Who will oversee this heinous travesty of illegal voting to soon occur in the USA

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