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11 Replies to “Now they want us wearing dog cones”

    • They are seeing how far they can push the people. This is going pretty far but I don’t know how many people are going to react like the vet in California. We have seen the North Eastern Vets stand up to be counted on other issues so this will hopefully be another one they stand up against.

  1. This is the reason they want to remove our guns. Eventually they are going to push us into a line of marching bean counters, who do as they’re told, when they are told and if we protest we will be sent to a retraining center. This won’t be the first time or place that that has happened.

    Then, if retraining doesn’t work they will pull us Stalin or Hitler on us and remove us much in the manner of a cockroach infestation. They will do this claiming it is good for society and necessary for the common good.

    That is the hue and cry of all tyrants and socialists. The tyrant actually oppresses without concern for the opinion of the masses, much in the manner as the Chinese did in 1989 in Tianimin Square.

    Socialists on the other hand have managed to convince the delusional idiots that comprise this country now to accept self immolation as a badge of virtue.

    Note that they hand out meager alms forebear existence, always through the window of a limousine while the rest of us stagger along behind gathering the crumbs.

    There is an old expression, “we get the government we deserve.” That holds especially true when the majority of voters are morons. The rest of us, unfortunately, will suffer the slings and arrows of their idiocy.

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