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8 Replies to “Brad Johnson speaks to the first plea deal/indictment on the illegal FISA use to overthrow president Trump”

  1. I wonder how many people in DC are now wishing they had been offered the deal be for this guy, we all know that the first person flipped get the best deal. After that the people they talk about have to be higher and higher ranking.

  2. I love it. I only hope that the prosecutor(s) are absolutely ruthless and calculating in their pursuit of these creeps.

    • I hope they go for the guts, drive the knife in to the guard and then move on to bigger prey, I also hope them have very good guards so the left can’t play their violent games.

  3. What really needs to happen for the sake of the United States and for the sake of the entire world is for these Democrat Bolsheviks to be exposed as the ruthless criminals they are and to be banished from the public space forever. It would be as good for the Democrats as it would be for the Republicans. Honestly, this current crop of Democrats are a bunch of bleeding Nazis and they need to be dealt with a lot more harshly. They lie and cheat and murder people. They are literally the bad guys…

    • They will end up being punished, I can’t say if it will be a current Federal Court that punishes them or a drum head Court Martial but they will be punished.

      Today while waiting to get all of the things so I could be checked out I was talking to two recent vets from Iraq and Afghanistan. They talked about how they would win the battles seize the land and then the politicians would turn the land back over to the Taliban. I told them welcome to Vietnam explained what happened there (we won the war and the Dems gave the South to the commies) and said that the military was getting tired of the politicians stabbing us in the back. The two kids said “We sure are” these are the kids that are the Patriots that Brad was talking about.

      • It’s good to hear about the “right stuff”.

        Scum floated up the ranks during 0’s tenure, traitorous brass who’ve been publicly insubordinate to the CnC. A toxic climate that encourages disrespect for the office – the POTUS – that’s got to demoralize some young people in uniform.

        The academies haven’t been spared communist brainwashing. That’s a culture that has to be obliterated from our military. And it can’t be reversed overnight or in one term of office. The faculty at these academies are entrenched, they’ve got to be turned around.

    • I think the way that works is if he does not cooperate his plea agreement is void and he is charged with several other crimes.

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