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8 Replies to “California teacher describes the current curriculum in school boards in that state”

  1. Forget the Wuhan Flu. Word must get out that the real pandemic on the loose is the twisted cult of Marxism. That’s the headline.

  2. This is really a MUST read. Although written in 2006, it is very relevant. Excerpt:

    Accordingly, Gutstein has relentlessly politicized his math classes for years, claiming that this approach has improved his students’ math skills while making them more aware of the injustices built in to capitalist society. One lesson, for example, presents charts showing the U.S. income distribution, aiming to get the students to understand the concept of percentages and fractions, while simultaneously showing them how much wealth is concentrated at the top in an economic system that mainly benefits the superrich. After the class does the mathematical calculations, Gutstein asks: “How does all this make you feel?” He triumphantly reports that 19 of 21 students described wealth distribution in America as “bad,” “unfair,” or “shocking,” and he proudly quotes the comments of a child named Rosa: “Well I see that all the wealth in the United States is mostly the wealth of a couple people not the whole nation.”

    Gutstein’s book will likely sell very well, not because all math teachers will thrill to his Freirian dialectics or Chomskyite denunciations of American foreign policy, but because they may find his lesson plans and classroom projects useful. After all, they are under intense pressure from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to move away from the traditional emphasis on computational skills like multiplication tables and algorithms—a teaching method that university mathematicians still favor but that many K–12 math teachers dismiss as “drill and kill.” Teachers (particularly liberal and left-leaning teachers) who instead use a “constructivist” or “discovery-based” pedagogy, sometimes called “fuzzy math,” in which students learn mathematical concepts by trying to solve real-life problems, will see Gutstein’s social justice lessons on how military budgets for the war in Iraq deny poor Americans their fair share of resources as an advance beyond problems about baseball statistics, shopping, or building.

    Even more important, Gutstein’s book comes with the imprimatur of two of the nation’s most influential ed profs, Gloria Ladson-Billings of the University of Wisconsin and William F. Tate of Washington University in St. Louis—the outgoing and incoming presidents of the American Education Research Association. The 25,000-member AERA is the umbrella organization of the ed-school professoriate, and over the past two decades it has moved steadily left, becoming more multicultural, postmodernist, feminist, and enamored of critical race theory and queer theory.

    And now the organization has just hired its first national Director of Social Justice. In fact, Ladson-Billings and Tate have coedited their own volume of essays on educational research and social justice, wherein they argue for a critical race theory approach, based on the idea that institutionalized “white supremacy” remains pervasive in American public education. Left unexplained is how these two particular critical race theorists, both black, could have been elected by their overwhelmingly white peers to preside over the education establishment’s premier organization.

    Much more: https://www.city-journal.org/html/ed-schools%E2%80%99-latest%E2%80%94and-worst%E2%80%94humbug-12948.html

    • “How does all this make you feel?”
      Math is a tool, class imparts skills.
      – – That’s all.
      A math teacher so into touchy-feely is a pervert.

      I’d say leave that to the school shrink, presumably trained to help kids sort out feelings. However, these days that training makes them almost as dangerous as “family-planning” counselors.

  3. I don’t know about “critical race theory” but I know that good old fashioned “critical theory” of the kind taught by Marcuse and Horkheimer can be accurately described as simply being critical of absolutely every aspect of Western Democratic life, from education to politics to human relations to you name it. It’s not specific, it just says to criticize the hell out of everything and just keep slopping mud on the West as hard and fast as you can. Another word for “critical theory” is simply “negative thinking”, or, “being a downer”. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing simply point out the worst things about everything and bum everybody out. Welcome to “critical theory”. Pure evil. Isn’t that exactly what “Antifa” does? They don’t care what statue they tear down, they hate them all because they literally hate everything. They are effing nuts! “Critical Theory” is about the worst thing I’ve ever heard of…

    • criticize the hell out of everything and just keep slopping mud…

      Look where it’s gotten the average Arab in the land of Israel – The ones spellbound by the Soviet-created artifact known as the PLO.

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