Stopping Church bells in Germany, 1 complaint at a time

One might consider this an example of the dialectic negation of Western culture. One, perhaps Muslim, perhaps not, complaint might be enough to stop a church bell. Because tolerance. But the thousands of complaints within Germany of blasting minarets fall on deaf ears because ‘islamophobia’.

This isn’t simply selective enforcement. This is Soros’ reflexivity used a la Marcuse, enforcing the minority view on the majority for the purpose of negating that majority.

Below, the Habermas video:

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  1. That man looks just like my Dad, God rest his soul, used to look. My Dad was a handsome man, and we always think of him as all Irish, but he was half German. And he used to do what this man is doing, the face is smiling, but the eyes are burning. That meant, get zee hell out of the way quick, lol, shenanigans, over. Germans may be getting fed up.

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