Seattle Police Chief resigns

Seattle City Council made major cuts to the police budget. This appears to be connected to the resignation.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has officially resigned after the Democrat-controlled Seattle City Council voted on Monday to slash millions of dollars from the Seattle Police Department’s budget.

News broke within the around 9 p.m. PST that Best was expected to resign tomorrow, and about 30 minutes later she had reportedly submitted her letter of resignation to the Seattle Police Department.

Resignation speech:


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3 Replies to “Seattle Police Chief resigns”

  1. There will be a lot more actions like this, the police will stand and fight as long as the politicians have their back, the politicians are proving they don’t care about the police and are giving the police no reason to remain on the job.

    • I totally agree. I could easily see a normal family-oriented cop talking with their partner and seriously considering either moving to a red state or going for a new career altogether – maybe a teacher or a social worker or a psychologist or construction. It’s bad enough that the left-wing mobs abuse them endlessly but add to that the ease with which the Quisling politicians throw them under the bus and the stress-load becomes obviously unbearable. I do not know how they take it and I feel genuinely sorry for them when I see them being abused before my eyes.

      There is every possibility that New York is about to become the next Detroit with apartment buildings going to a hundred bucks and with the constant need for armed protection, preferably a Bradley Fighting Vehicle… It could happen so fast it would make your head spin. Like, who would want to be stuck with property at $10-a-square foot in a town full of roaming gangs of savages who hate your guts all day long while the mayor “de-funds” the police…? Run!!!

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