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10 Replies to “Tucker Carlson calls out Fauci for the fraud he is”

  1. Fauci thinks we are too dumb to remember (or look at the videos) where he recommends something and then a couple of days to weeks says what he use to want is useless. His actions say he is a political activists who got he job because he was considered politically reliable. The left always appoints or recommends people who are politically reliable rather then competent. Brad Johnson has talked about this several times and says that the lefts actions have destroyed our human intelligence capabilities, and has damaged our military capabilities by promoting only the politically reliable. We still have a strong military but this is because there were so many positions to fill that they couldn’t find enough politically reliable people to fill all of them.

    • I’m afraid you’re right. Like, how did John Brennan get to be the head of the CIA? And how did James Comey get to be head of the FBI? And which “expert” advised George W Bush that Islam was the religion of peace? I used to agonize over how stupid some of the very top people are until I realized it’s all about being, as you say, “politically reliable”. And Dr. Fauci is indeed politically reliable. Do you think that he really doesn’t think that it’s a good idea for COVID-19 patients to take hydroxychloroquine, Z-pac, and zinc, especially earlier in the infection period? He knows alright, but he is absolutely politically reliable even if he kills thousands of people by being so. Politically reliable people know which side their bread is buttered on and consider nothing else when making their life decisions. Perfect sellouts…

  2. “Fauci thinks we are too dumb to remember ”
    it is possible that he doesnt care whar ee recall.
    During those long briefings , I used to get the feeling that PT was trying to wear out Dr Fauci.

    • Fauci knows that if Trump loses in 2020 he will have reached the finish line and nobody will be bothering him with awkward questions or accusations because the entire media is on his side and will give him a great big pass as he collects a $120,000,000 advance on his book deal in which he will tell us all what a retarded bone-head Donald Trump is and how he saved America from hydroxychloroquine poisoning single-handedly…

    • He doesn’t care.
      That sounds about right.

      He’s no dummy.
      He saw to it that gain-of-function research would continue despite being shut down here as dangerous, posing an unacceptable risk to humanity.
      So he transferred funding for it to CHINA, the Bio-4 Lab in Wuhan. The same lab that the FRENCH – who built it – had just cited as poorly secured, in dangerous condition.

      Is it easier to say “dumb” than “evil”? “political” rather than “enemy operative”?

      Unrestricted warfare isn’t fooling around, doesn’t care about feelings. Temporizing, like appeasement, is not a strategy. Define your terms, name your enemies.

      This Fauci is a bad guy. His friend Tedros is a bad guy.
      Ready => Aim => FIRE.

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