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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on the NYT DOXX of his home address”

  1. The death of Tucker Carlson would be about the best thing that could happen to the Democrats. Be careful, Tucker… If they’re doxxing you then they definitely want you dead.
    The left doesn’t have one single good idea so the only thing they have left is trickery, disingenuousness, and lies, and Tucker routinely pokes holes in all their fake balloons. The truth is the one thing they really fear…

    • They really seem not to know what’s going on, don’t they. Leftists are so quick to cover their ears and start screaming, “Off our streets fascist scum!” whenever they hear anything they don’t like that they end up not knowing their butts from baloney because they simply don’t input information. Frankly, a lot of them seem rather over-emotional and stupid…

      I mean, I wonder how many of them actually know that the Quran has a revelation that clearly says, “Oh, Believers. Make not friends with Christians and Jews.”. I can’t help thinking that if they only had some knowledge they would come around and start being reasonable, but they never do because they think Islam is “The Religion of Peace” and they don’t want to hear otherwise and they believe that any talk of examining Muslim migration into an Infidel country is entirely due to racism and they refuse to discuss it further. Talk about dumb…

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