The New Soviet Story: A work of Future Fiction by the Johnny U community

Watching the Soviet Story again, the modern parallels are remarkable. The propaganda techniques back then and now are essentially identical. Then, bold ad hominems against broad swaths of undesirables disregarded discourse to short the circuit to HATE. Very effectively. Narrower ad hominems shorted the circuit to Jews.

Repeating the sins of the father to atone for the sins of the father. This was today’s politically-corrected German. Thankfully, generations of brutal collectivism had immunized Russians from today’s p.c. pandemic.

We knew the ghosts of their guilt drove their silly repentance, perhaps, even though they were too young or weren’t even alive in WW2. But what about the rest of us? The great repudiation had been going on for years now, but was accelerating. There weren’t many statues–either physically or psychologically–left to topple.

Almost every western country fell in line, save for the good ‘ol U.S.A., but even she was suffering severe political indigestion. Antifa, Black Panthers, BLM, the Democratic Party, MSM, environmentalists–every radical faction was arrayed against Trump. The political mid-ground was effectively removed. Goebbels would be proud. Accusing any denier of any branch of scientism, or flowing-like-water gender identity, was quite enough to have one branded a Nazi. It was precisely the excuse used by Russia and Germany to stamp out “Polish Fascism” at the outset of their invasions of that country. No such bona fide threat existed, which necessitated the need to create it. It was as masterful a use of reverse engineering as had been used anywhere in terms of propaganda techniques, and it would be used again and again. News sources spooned the people just enough truth to seduce them into accepting select narratives. The socialists knew they’d succeeded when truth became stranger than fiction to the man on the street, and so he rejected it.

When first I heard about the ban on acetylsalicylic acid the gravity of the psy-op we were in, hit home like Joanna Kozloski’s home-run swing in the 2021 World Series final. She was the first transexual athlete to make it to the top of the sports world, and did so with elan. When finally she trounced on home plate in the bottom of the ninth, after launching the ball out of Wrigley Field, she removed her high-heels and flung them high in the air in elation. Yes, she had run the bases to victory in stilettos. It had quickly become her trademark, and a symbol of her unbeatable confidence. Much like Babe Ruth pointing to the sky when he came to bat. Thirty-five thousand mask-wearing fans went berserk. She then grabbed her crotch and gave her now patented one-finger salute to her adoring followers. The crowd went even crazier at this flip off. In a post-game interview she said the finger was aimed at the patriarchy, and to Antifa. The balkanization of every group, sub-group, and sub-sub-group was now mission complete. The demoralization described by Yuri Bezmenov had become a hyper-ripened perpetual-motion machine of societal atomization. Not even the modern Soviets knew how to stop it now, except perhaps by adding a pinch of fresh holocaust to their recipe.

The Commissioner’s Trophy was presented to Miss Kozloski by a very old George Soros, who had just announced his candidacy for President in the 2024 election. The Democrats, still smarting from their 2020 defeat to Donald Trump, had learned at least one lesson. It mattered not how old or infirm your candidate was. What mattered was who controlled the narrative. 2020 had been a surprisingly close election despite Joe Biden’s dementia having boiled his brains to borscht, and despite the Dems successfully arguing that not a single pre-election debate was needed. Heaping endless disinformation upon the American public through multiple fire hoses, domestic and foreign, had shown real effects. Now, with a little tweaking, Democratic strategists knew they couldn’t lose.

What the left had not seemed to realize, however, was that they had already won, essentially. They were the establishment in every western nation. They largely controlled the media and institutions. They didn’t see that the right was now the counter-culture. The left was sure the silent, moral majority that had held its proverbial tongue right up until stepping into the ballot box would be usurped, this time, by mail-in and internet voting. Yes, Soros was old, but he still had his mind, name recognition, and a way with words. Absurd? –No more than anything else the Dems had accomplished. They even convinced the country that Soros had been born in America. He was their next Trojan horse. With a little luck he’d drop dead a few months into office. For his part the President, ever the brilliant strategist, surprised the nation by announcing Bari Weiss in counter-weight as his running mate. The former New York Times writer shot to fame when she quit the paper back in 2020, declaring war on cancel culture in the process. She had managed to maintain a voice despite numerous social media shutdowns. The President recognized her value as a youthful, articulate veteran of the raging propaganda battle in which the country was mired, and knew he needed the kind of turncoat media general her inside knowledge afforded. Besides, he reasoned behind closed doors, she could help siphon liberal Jewish votes and donations from the Dems.

The off-licence use of a drug had never before been disallowed. Fear mongering pushed by the mainstream media said aspirin caused stomach bleeding and a host of other side-effects. It was then rumoured a study was coming out in the Lancet journal proving it caused elevated eosinophil counts in some Covid-2022 patients. It would take very little, but deft, fictitious placements to accomplish the relegation of acetylsalicylic acid to the trash heap of medical history. Tucker Carlson compiled the msm repetition of key words over the broad outlet spectrum to little avail. “DANGEROUS”, “FATAL”, and “WITCH-DOCTOR MEDICINE” were the strike words used. The witch doctor reference, however, was dropped because of the outcry over cultural appropriation, and so to not malign legitimate, hard-working witch doctors everywhere.

Most medical doctors knew it was because the President had endorsed it as a remedy when used with the proper dosage of iron supplement and antibiotics. Of course, most were afraid to speak out. Cancel culture was as pervasive in the medical community as anywhere. Career-crippling sanctions were but a misplaced utterance away.

It was also imperative that the drug cocktail be given to the patient as soon as symptoms appeared. The President admitted his taking it as a prophylaxis against the virus. Up to now cases of Covid-22 were dropping quickly, as was the death rate. An aspirin a day keeps the doctor away, went the grassroots slogan. CNN tried hard to change this to: an aspirin a day keeps the undertaker at play.

I was listening to the radio when first I heard. I was driving Tom Hicks to the hospital. He’d had a lifelong problem with booze and drugs, and was at the business end of another bender. He was rough. He couldn’t tell if his cough was from his COPD, his emphysema, or from a viral infection. We assumed the former but feared the latter. He was talking about some old girlfriend as we drove. He would never leave the hospital. He would be denied aspirin. While not yet geriatric, Tom was the poster child of comorbidity vulnerabilities.

When the announcement came I swore I heard the sound of every last bottle of aspirin, and every brand that contained it, flying off every store shelf in the country. People had already been hoarding because of the media campaign, and government telegraphing its intentions with the usual word salad. Within hours it was impossible to get your hands on a single pill. Doctors were even forbidden from giving it to their own friends and family members. Sales of Advil and Tylenol spiked briefly before the public realized these contained no acetylsalicylic acid. A $5,000 fine was introduced, combined with possible jail time, for anyone caught cutting down willow and poplar trees. Long ago, indigenous North American tribes boiled the bark and leaves of these trees to extricate the chemical contained therein. They would drink the tea to mitigate pain and fever. The run on tree bark ended as quickly as it had begun. The poaching industry for animal parts went back to status quo, which meant supplying the massive traditional Chinese medicine industry with the likes of caribou antlers, black bear scrotums, and beaver foreskins. Canada’s Trudeau government seemed quite happy to oblige its CCP masters in this regard.

As my old friend got out of the car, feeble and unsteady on his feet beyond his years, I tried to remember what life was like before all of this. I tried to find perspective.

So many old people were dying in old age homes. The aged were always considered a huge, expensive liability by socialists. Socialism can’t afford them, or any of the infirm, for that matter. Besides, the older you were the more conservative you tended to be, and the more you remembered the now-racist and non-inclusive “old normal”. Ah, the old normal. A world of wondrous, beautiful statues and non-postmodern art. (The arthole graphic embodiment of the great deconstruction.) A time when government answered to the will of the people and not the reverse. A world without masks, social-distancing floor dots, hate speech laws, or false neo-Marxist narratives stacked upon each other like old, piss-stained mattresses piled from here to the moon. The very proof of this successful deconstruction. The Frankfurt School fraternity surely gazed up from their eternal hell holes with broad, self-satisfied smiles.

Was withholding aspirin a form of weaponry? A targeted murder-by-deprivation by the architects of our new normal? Hearing that Turkey was coping very well using the cocktail was but another data point to support this idea. How many other countries there were using aspirin could not be known. Msm suppression of such reports was thorough. Alternative media fought a pitched battle against censorship, but had not yet attained the critical mass required to turn the masses around. I wondered if Bill Gates took aspirin as a prophylaxis against the virus until his waiting-for-Godot vaccine would be invented. I wondered why my friend’s ultimate demise from heart failure due to alcoholism and cocaine addiction was written off as a Covid death. Was it because such designations created a tidy end, eliciting no further questions? The absence of inquiries would be advantageous if the deceased was politically unfavourable–an activist active for the wrong side. Enemies of the state could be eliminated freely. Besides, it boosted the Covid-2022 mortality statistics which were excessively low, inconveniently, as the case rate climbed higher from expanded testing. As a result, the epidemic resembled more the common yearly flu than anything deadly enough to have shut down the world economy. Further, boosting Covid cause-of-death cases nicely enhanced the impact of the psy-op. The fear was fantastic. Government was able to rule with only minor opposition. Only in Hungary, when that parliament voted Victor Orban special powers, did the sycophantic western media scream “DICTATOR!”, despite many countries doing the same. Long after Orban returned these same special powers had Canada’s Trudeau still allowed neither the sitting of parliament, nor any meaningful opposition. Yet, no western media chose to openly credit Orban’s quiet relinquishment of his so-called dictatorship.

I saw government going to great lengths to make sure aspirin was not used—even criminalizing its use. It told lies and fictions about it because, it seemed, they wanted to reserve it only for those people they wanted to make sure were safe from the virus, or else to make sure the people they wanted to die from it would die from it. In other words, at least fifty percent of the efficacy of the virus as a weapon would be the fact that the one known solution to the virus was not available, save for a non-targeted elite.

Driving away from the hospital I thought about Tom Hicks’ story. He said he’d been going out with a girl who was driving him crazy. She was hypercritical, and was making him feel like there was something wrong with him. In fact, it had got to the point where he thought he was losing his mind. He wondered if she was right or, if not, was she an incredibly manipulative narcissist. His problem, he said as we neared the hospital, was that when he fell for a girl, he fell hard. When a woman was the controlling type it was easy to doubt oneself, he confessed.

Finally, in what he called a desperate act of emotional self-preservation, Tom said he decided to conduct a test. He would profess to the woman that he had a specific psychological ailment, a neurosis. Since this was a fiction known to him, her reaction would be telling. Maybe her reaction to something completely ridiculous and contrived would somehow prove to him he wasn’t losing it. He said the problem was that when you’re inside something like a romantic relationship it’s very hard to be objective. Like psychological warfare. It’s easy to think you’re crazy if your control-freak partner knows what buttons to push.

So he convinced her that he had an erotic fixation with argyle socks. We both laughed. Luckily, he said, she wasn’t the smartest fox in the litter despite her talent for playing with the toys inside his head.

She fell for it completely, jumping all over it. “See, Tommy, see?” he said trying to mimic her high squeals between coughing fits. “I told you how many times you’re neurotic? How many fucking times? You’re a fucking pre-vert!”

We laughed hard, arriving at the drop-off in front of the Emergency. Tommy said it was then that his clouds parted. The fog of his little love tangle miraculously dispersed. His experiment was a grand success. Juxtaposing fiction as a “control” with reality clarified reality. His attraction to her vanished. “Poof,” he said gesturing the fingers of both hands to illustrate. Her power over him had broken like a bad sweat.

“Thanks, buddy,” he said as he got out of the car. I watched him as the sliding doors of Admitting swallowed him whole. He was gone.

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  1. Vlad,now, Germany MD Specialists make out from my head,brain VISA pincers of israel with them Monastyrskaya Anna (Kudrina),that lied that she is American,but from USSR,and simply needs med help to today, because they are falled down degenerates without legal to live in civilized social. Thank you very much to everyone,who make help for us, because we are once. Lucy Westenra.
    PS.its fight. Because I have injury of back of neck,with pain to this time. Mb would healthy without pincers.

  2. ‘When first I heard about the ban on acetylsalicylic acid the gravity of the psy-op we were in, hit home like Joanna Kozloski’s home-run swing in the 2021 World Series final. He was the first transexual athlete to make it to the top of the sports world, and did so with elan. When finally he trounced on home plate in the bottom of the ninth, after launching the ball out of Wrigley Field, he removed his high-heels and flung them high in the air in elation. Yes, he had run the bases to victory in stilettos. It had quickly become his trademark, and a symbol of his unbeatable confidence. Much like Babe Ruth pointing to the sky when he came to bat. Thirty-five thousand mask-wearing fans went berserk. He then grabbed his vacant crotch and gave his now patented one-finger salute to his adoring followers…’

    (Universal Translators were illegal and to be found in possession of one was to be sent to Antartica).

  3. Who could possibly have enough power coupled with enough murderous hatred of the West to launch a disinformation campaign against the use of hydroxychloroquine resulting in thousands of deaths? I find it hard to believe that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would think of such a thing but they sure seem to be enthusiastic supporters of the slander, don’t they? I think they are compromised to the point of being enemy agents…

    I think that China released the virus then released the campaign against hydroxychloroquine when they saw the danger of the death stats dropping below the required levels. I think we are in the middle of a war and we are too stupid and gutless to admit it to ourselves. People are dying by the thousands from wounds inflicted by “psychological warfare”. After a few more years of riots and impeachments and viruses and Muslims and North Africans and whatever else is coming down the road, the Chinese are going to lean down, pick up the pieces of the shattered West, and take their rightful place at the head of the table – and all our little “freedom of speech”, “Rights of Man” nonsense will be gone for good…

    Wake the fuck up, People!!!

      • Even Hillary wouldn’t think, “Gee, how can I kill a few thousand Yankee assholes and Southern Dickheads and use their funerals to help me win?”. She’s an evil bitch, but I can’t see her dreaming that one up. The Chinese, on the other hand, need only think of the Imperialist white bastards and the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion and a few thousand Hollywood slights and their own belief in the “Central Kingdom’s right to primacy that has been usurped by the stinking Lo fun. Why exactly should they like us, come to think of it?

        I’d recommend shaving the heads of the collaborators and parading them through the streets in disgrace but most of them would take it as a compliment and are already bald. Drat!

        • This is one of the few times I totally disagree with you Chris. I absolutely think that Hillary R. Clinton would nuke an American city if she thought it would give her a better than 50% chance of winning the election.

          I think she only has one equation and its about power. She has no sense of moral obligation whatsoever in my opinion.

          • LOL!!! Maybe you’re right, Eeyore. It’s as if there’s a psychopath factory spewing out conscienceless Democrats by the thousands and putting them in positions of power all around the land. How about that horrific smiling monster who runs California? Yikes! He’s positively frightening…

            Are these SOBs actually sitting around stroking their angora cats and saying, “Yes, yes, thousands will die…but that can’t be helped if the right things won’t happen without it. Unfortunate, but inescapable. Tut, tut… You can’t make an omelette… Just so many toothpicks after a while…”.

        • A Chinese strategy makes sense.

          INDIA is far and away the biggest global source for quinine-based meds. PM Modi was extracting goodies in exchange for supplies; India was set for big profits. And then…

          ChiCom medi-tech has gotten a massive boost – YUGE -for its expensive and far less promising trial drugs. Remdesivir, for one.

          BigPharma is committed to China’s future as #1 in the sector. The pharma lobby is close to the top spender in dollars for Congress.

          Who’d think up such a dastardly theme? Who would they need to facilitate a global conspiracy against this life-saving drug?

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