Maskless cop in Quebec maces man for not wearing a mask in a donut shop, brave dedicated women take on the Mural in NY: Links 3, July 18, 2020

1. At this point, the hypothesis confirmed by evidence to become a theory that HCQ, Hydroxychloroquine, is a very good treatment when used as directed for the Chinese Virus called Covid 19, at this point is a fact. Which leads us to the politicization of this disease and treatment. This doctor has a different treatment. He uses an atomized steroid, inhaled Budesonide,  and claims a 100% survival rate. But he also says HCQ works.

2. Looking at the Flu vs. Covid in Texas

3. Thank God almighty for the little sanity and courage that remains in the West

4. LGBT for Trump people also hit the “mural” with some blue paint this week

5. Quebec. Today:

6. Pakistan: Four held for breaking Buddha statue


Four people who had allegedly smashed a Buddha statute in Mardan district were arrested on Saturday.

The statue was discovered by locals in the Takht Bhai tehsil of Mardan district during construction work.

Special Assistant to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) chief minister on Information and Local Government Kamran Bangash in a statement confirmed that all offenders who were seen smashing a Buddhist statue in Mardan district have been arrested by police. An FIR has been lodged against them under relevant sections of the K-P Antiquity Act, 2016.

The incident had occurred in Jamal Bagh area in the limits of the Saro Shah police station. […]

The DPO said the suspects have been identified as Amjid, Saazuddin, Qamar Zaman and Salman.

The suspects during initial investigation revealed that they smashed the statute into pieces because the local prayer leader had said that keeping or selling it is against the basic teachings of Islam. The mosque cleric had also told them that their nikah or marriage contract would stand dissolved if they did not smash it into pieces, they informed the police.

Thank you all, Sassy, M., Wrath of Khan, ML., PC., Johnny U., and all who contributed this weekend so far.

I would like to write something about the scale and severity of the revolution as it is right now. But its becoming self evident.

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  1. Item 5: Quebec.

    The Facebook 4 minute version has 1.7 Million views. It was posted seven hours ago.
    This could play both ways. Either people are scared and start wearing it or people are outraged and defy compliance.

    Either way, Premier Legault looks bad.

    • There’s a Quebec government ad that is running on radio stations. I think it’s a 30-second ad.

      The voice of a young woman quietly speaking alone: “That’s a picture of me doing (whatever), and this is a picture of me at a (whatever)… and on and on it goes. At the end, she says “And I’m all alone”,

      The ad ends with a man saying “Be social, wear a mask”.

      It’s a terribly stigmatizing and demoralizing message.

  2. #1 COVID cure

    Anybody who can’t see that the extremely high death-tolls in Western countries is being engineered by our own health authorities is as blind as Stevie Wonder. Do you really think that Dr. Fauci and the FDA and WHO and Chuck Schumer don’t know about hydroxychloroquine and this treatment the Texas doctor is talking about? They know all right and they don’t like it and they are consciously doing everything in their power to make the pandemic worse and to damage the economy as much as possible. And now they are going to spend the days leading up to the 2020 election laying the blame for every death at the feet of Donald Trump while the barking seal media says, “Listen to them… They’re right… It’s true, it’s true…”…

    A whole lot of people deserve to be marched to a concrete wall, given a last cigarette, blindfolded, and shot right through the heart… They are remorseless murderers and deserve no kindness whatsoever…

  3. i take prescription strength budesonide for allergic asthma–started taking it while pregnant and was in a 5-year database of women who took it and there were no recorded ill effects to kids or moms.

    In January, I bought OTC Rhinocort and a storebrand for my family just in case it would be useful.

    I shelved it after reports that inhaled steriods were turnng out to be harmful, but those ended up being preliminary reports and now inhaled steroids are being used!

    This medication cuts out the bothersome mucous immune response in me so well that the only way I know I have a cold is when everyone in my household has one! I have taken 90 mcg and 180 mcg. It’s not a rescue inhaler–must be taken daily to have an effect.

    I would think a doctor of pharmacist might know about off-label uses I’ve been takin it over 17 years except two times. I moved and deluded myself into thinking my asthma would go away with a change of scenery. Each time, I ended up on a nebulizer with respules of Pulmicort. Nebulizers create a small fog of concetrated medication in case it is hard to breathe in. So that is my positive experience with Pulmicort for asthma–if the med is useful for anything else that would be grand because the side effects–long and short term–were such that I did not notice them–maybe some bone loss and weight gain.


    Here’s your proof that Dr. Fauci is one of the baddest of the bad guys. Why the hell would he be praising New York’s handling of the Virus when they sent their infected patients to the nursing homes and killed thousands of people as a result? I just cannot express what a bad feeling I get about the beloved Dr. Fauci. Gee…am I going crazy? I must be out of my mind… Gaslighting bastards…

  5. 3. “BREAKING: NYPD confiscates patriots paint cans before an attempt to mark the BLM mural in front of Trump Tower NYC

    NYPD officer admits “higher ups” are responsible for hypocrisy of defending vandalism from Patriots, but not BLM in NYC”
    Drew Hernandez – July 18, 2020 – Twitter

    Meanwhile, back at ranch, the Occupied Abolition Park’s BLM star “Trans King” sings to the empty heads.

  6. “This… thing… says the quiet part out loud.
    “The abolition of the United States,” she says they want.
    Sedition. Jail.”
    Raheem Kassam – July 18, 2020 – Twitter

    “Portland Antifa Activist organizing the Abolition of The Police and United States”
    Lasse Burholt – July 18, 2020

    Lilith Sinclair, a Portland Black Lives Matter activist & sex worker, says she is organizing for the abolition of the police & United States. This happened at an event outside the Federal Courthouse July 18th. She is applauded by the audience and joined by religious clergy.

  7. 5- I was just in Quebec. Drove up Friday, back Saturday.

    Stopped for beer Friday. No mask required. Stopped for water Saturday. Mask required.

    Here’s my translation of the video. I don’t speak the ding-dong:

    “…you’re arresting him over a mask? You’re kidding, right? A stupid mask that we didn’t have to wear just yesterday and now you’re willing to become violent over it? Tabernac. Colisse. You’ve got to be kidding. (Cough, cough) Hey I smoke two packs of Players non-filter a day and if you made me wear a stupid mask outside I’d cut a hole in it just so I could smoke (cough, cough) Leave the guy alone, s.t.. Tabernac. Ya know, there’s two kinds of Frenchman in this country. There’s cowards like you, and…oh ypur boss is here without a mask! Hypocrite! No mask! Arrest your boss, tabernac!…

    (I am also available for Sanskrit and ancient Sumerian translations on request. Well, southwestern ancient Sumerian to be precise. Sniff.)

    • The cop who rolled over injured like a soccer pro falling over a leaf?
      First impressions were to get Sick Leave and injury compensation.
      But a commentator suggested he was an American Patriot not getting involved.

      One thing for certain: he was not Slayed in The Spirit.
      There were no husslin’ Christians here.

      • I thought I saw the left side of his forehead hit the pavement, but it could also have been a fake. I never thought of that. Good idea! I’d do that if I thought of it. Two weeks off for a concussion. Nice…

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