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7 Replies to “Tucker Carlson explains that the Democrat party is in fact a totalitarian fear-based communist party…”

  1. The thing about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is that nobody seems to have the foggiest notion of what they were up to and what their game was. A billion dollars is a hell of a lot of money and it’s virtually impossible that Epstein got that rich pimping young women to rich guys. A million, maybe, but a billion? No way. You have to own The Gap or something to get that much money and Jeffrey didn’t own The Gap or anything else. And as for running a honey-trap blackmail operation with cameras behind the walls – maybe once or twice, but people like Andy and both Bills have people who know about that stuff and they wouldn’t have let their boys walk into that if they were going to be blackmailed. Some big-shot lawyer would leak it to the right people and Epstein would be shunned forever. He couldn’t have been “Honey-trapping”…

    No, we don’t really have a clue about Jeffrey Epstein even though many people are pretending they do. And what are they all so mad about? Like, the legal age of sexual consent in NY is 17 so if Virginia Jufree and Prince Andrew did have sex he is only guilty of having mutually-consensual heterosexual relations with a woman of legal age, which isn’t a crime as far as I know. It’s ridiculous. It’s like they want to charge the prince with eating dinner or going to a movie. Epstein wasn’t exactly murdering them and making them into sausages or anything. Chill… And don’t be too quick to believe the words of a teenage hooker looking to get ten million dollars for all the terrible, terrible abuse she has suffered in her innocent young life… “Oh, me, oh my…”…

    • My theory:

      There is a kabal of power brokers. Soros would be the most famous name in that kabal but it includes several other billionaires including the Iraqi arms and oil merchant who funded the UK Labour party as well as bought Obama’s White House away from the White House in DC right after he left the oval office, and took his staff with him to this new government in exile HQ.

      Now as I see it, Soros and Co. funded Epstein’s op as a kind of Kompromat central. The idea was, they would fund your campaign and get you into power. But certain policy decisions would HAVE to go their way. And if the candidate didn’t do as told, on immigration or perhaps some stolid little bureaucratic thing which seems frightfully dull to us but actually compromises the US in significant ways.

      This would actually be good insurance and cheap as well. Lets say that China wanted to get an illegal trade advantage and be able to float tons of crap into the US in the hundreds of billions of dollars worth, without honouring any of their trade agreements for example. Well only a guy who they had no kompromat on them could resist the call to do it, right? And that guy is Trump. Which now explains WHY there is so much hatred and money spent trying to destroy him. Because he is the only leader not filmed by the power brokers doing something that would destroy him.

      I wonder how many other people, assuming Im right, are owned by this Kabal, should it exist.

      Pelosi? Certainly both Clintons. The whole pedophelia and Satanic thing, spirit cooking etc. strike me as, inasmuch as they are true, classic examples of kompromat. Pretty hard to rise from those ashes. Trudeau managed to skate past countless blackface appearances but if he got caught screwing children its a little harder to keep your constituency. Especially if you go to jail for it.

      Not saying any of this is true. Just that if it was, it explains a lot more than what we see or are told. Including where Epstein got all that money from. He many have had that island bought for him. He may have had it in his name. but it may not have been ‘his’ per se.

      • Sort of a blackmail-in-waiting scheme to keep power over people in case it’s ever needed. Could be. Could be…

        My theory is that he is a spy and a sort of fictional character invented to act as a listening post in the role of an eccentric billionaire and that the young women are simply a reflection of his being a gigantic perv who has to have sex five-times-a-day or he goes crazy. I think he is used to pick up accurate and highly-confidential information from some of the world’s most elite people. Maybe the Prince tells him what the Queen really thinks and maybe Bill Gates tells him other stuff, and maybe those MIT whiz-kids tell him the secret plans. Then Epstein is debriefed and the entity carefully collects the information and uses it if they can…

        Since Ghislaine’s father was in with Mossad I will guess Israel or US/Israel. I would imagine that Epstein’s money was extremely dark and probably came from drug-seizures that weren’t actually destroyed or assets that they picked up on the battlefield or something like that – millions that you can’t legitimately spend but work just fine for other stuff. They must have mountains of such dark money…

    • I think but am sure but I think that at the time of the alleged encounter the age of consent was 18. The “crime” would be tried under the age of consent back then not the current age of consent. If you want to throw more confusion to the jury in Britain the current heterosexual age of consent is 16 so Prince Andrew might not have know that what he was doing was illegal.

      As to the possibility of Blackmail? That depends on whether or not Epstein had the backing of some government. Waiting until you have enough material on enough people to make it a good recruiting/money making scheme is possible and the blackmail might not have been from money but for government and industrial secrets. Once again wait until you have the goods on several people and then blackmail them for secrets and to get others in your trap. In some ways Epstein’s actions and success are more that of a cult leader instead of a pimp blackmailer.

      • I looked up the “age of consent” in NY before I wrote the comment and it is 17. As for the chronology of age-of-consent laws, they used to be younger, not older. The age of consent in Canada was 14 up until a few years ago when Stephen Harper changed it to 16. I’m pretty sure my great grandmother was around 14 when she started her 13-children farm family. Fourteen used to be considered ready and able. It’s only lately that we have started infantilizing our children and treating them like babies until they are 18. Hell! I had a rifle when I was 12 but nowadays that would be considered outrageous. Nowadays it is assumed that a twelve-year-old is so stupid he’ll kill the whole family if you give him a rifle…

        And I think he was a bit of a cult leader at that. If you think about it he must have been extremely popular with some people. If he liked the sound of your cutting-edge technological experiments he would come up with actual millions and make your dreams come true. Yeah, I’d say he was probably like a cult-leader. He also had the most interesting dinner party conversations in the world. I imagine the guy was extremely popular…

        • Super, ultra- terrific point, Chris.
          (As usual.)

          These teenagers weren’t “grooming gang” victims. They were lured into a fairy-tale lifestyle and paid more than any teenage hooker on the streets of NYC.

          Some stayed in the “stable” voluntarily till they aged out. Statutory rape, no doubt. But mid-to-late teens? Not wholly innocent.

          Not quite the same as white European children gang-raped by packs of feral migrants. Or girls sold off as brides at age 9 in much of the world.

          At least some of the girls from wretched Eastern Europe hellholes might have pleasant memories of life as a princess. Not only were they paid, they had opportunities for a future that included funding and placement. Art school, flight-school, modeling and vocalist gigs.

          • Yeah, I’ve got nothing against teenage hookers but I also don’t believe them when they put on the innocent little girl act which they all know how to do perfectly. Like a 16-year-old gang enforcer, the “baby” ship has left the harbor and we’re pretty much dealing with an adult now. Don’t bore me with the widdoo baby voice and the pitiful tears…

            Did she say she got $20,000 for bonking Andy and was 17 when she did it? I don’t see a crime there…

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