Toronto Mayor’s home swarmed by communist insurgents: Links 1, July 7, 2020

1. Trudeau says he’s too busy to join Trump and Lopez Obrador for USMCA celebration

(For those that follow the Post Modern PM, this is extra annoying as he pretty much never actually works but takes vacations and personal days more often than scheduled government business. Which is probably a good thing actually)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be joining his U.S. and Mexican counterparts Wednesday in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the coming into force of the new NAFTA, his office says.


U.S. President Donald Trump and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador are meeting in the U.S. capital to mark the start of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), a renegotiated version of the North American free-trade agreement.

Mr. Trudeau’s no-show will take place as the United States threatens to hit Canada with tariffs on aluminum shipments – a matter casting a cloud over Canada-U.S. relations.

The Prime Minister said he’s too busy with a House of Commons sitting Wednesday, as well as the economic snapshot of federal government finances being delivered that day.


“We wish the United States and Mexico well at Wednesday’s meeting. While there were recent discussions about the possible participation of Canada, the Prime Minister will be in Ottawa this week for scheduled Cabinet meetings and the long-planned sitting of Parliament,” said Cameron Ahmad, director of communications for the Prime Minister’s Office, in a statement.

(Doubly weird is that the local grocer said that many soft-drink brands are no longer available because “we ran out of aluminium”. Extra strange given its a major export apparently.)

2. More Democrat fake hate crimes.

(And they always get away with it. Meaning one out of 300 will know the race car driver faked the noose story but the rest of the world will just go with the initial headline. That is how evil the left is. They spend time and effort doing the math on the efficacy of the lie instead of trying to determine how the truth will benefit us all. Like in this next item…)

3. Even Fauci knew about Hydroxychloroquine

4. About the fellow in the Tweet we reposted last night. He has a few choice words to say about Twitter but in someone else’s feed.

5. I wonder what Lloyd’s of London charges to insure Iranian dual use facilities these days?

Explosion Outside Tehran Kills Two, Damages Factory, Iranian Media Says

The explosion follows a string of similar incidents across the country in recent days, including a gas explosion at a Tehran clinic on 30 June which killed at least 19 people, an explosion at a nuclear enrichment facility in central Iran on 2 July, and a fire at a power station in southwestern Iran on 4 July.


An explosion rocked a factory outside Tehran early Tuesday morning, killing two people and injuring three others, Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency has reported.


The blast was said to have taken place at the Oxijen plant in Baqershahr, and industrial zone about 23 km south of Iran’s capital, with local administrator Amin Babaei saying the explosion was caused by “workers being negligent while filling oxygen tanks”.

6. Interview with a Facebook insider discussing how the bias works against non-far leftists.

7. About Howard Zinn and the communist subversion of the Children of the Anglosphere

(I wish he hadn’t included Richard Dawkins at the end. While at one point I could see why, as Dawkins made a ‘documentary’ using the lowest kind of moral relativism to try and make all religions appear equally stupid, wrong and dangerous, in recent years he is starting to understand that Christianity is a bulwark for classical thought. People like him simply could not exist without the kind of liberalism that is the direct descendant of people like Thomas Aquinas.)

More on Zinn here, and here.

8. Beverly Hills ANTIFA. For real.

9. Face masks mandatory in Ontario starting today

Non-medical face masks will be required to be worn in all indoor public spaces in eastern Ontario and the city of Ottawa as of today, according to CBC.


The mandatory wearing of face masks will be implemented to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The decision was reached by the four separate health units in those areas.

The directive will be made a temporary bylaw in Ottawa as soon as city council meet to approve it at their next meeting on July 15. A joint order by various public heath officers is not common, which shows the degree to which they believe this measure is necessary.


“It’s so important that we have as similar as possible requirements,” said Dr. Vera Etches, Ottawa’s medical officer of health. Etches noted that many people travel between the regions that the four different health units represent.

10. Toronto Mayor has bigger things to worry about that mask compliance just at the moment

The price of capitulation Mr. Tory, is the demand for more capitulation.

Thank you Malca, Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., PC., Johnny U., Trish, Yucki, and all who sent in materials this week and over the holiday weekend.


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  1. Morphing
    Brooklyn Annexation Rally
    Speaker calls to abolish the police, Israel and the US government, and the crowd chants “Death to America, millions of marchers are marching to Jerusalem! the NYPD, when a precent or a cop car burns, I feel close to Palestine”.

    Sequins Kioni Sadiki, wife of former Black Panther said: “ European Jews who force Palestinians into refugee camps, concentration camps, and killing fields are related to Europeans who forced Africans into slavery or prison death camps”.

    A member of the Puerto Rican NY Boica Resistance Movement said “Police, Israel and the US Government must be abolished”.

    A man wrapped in a red flag from the Party for Socialism and Liberation led a chant, “Death to Israel, Death to America”.

    Amin Hosain, “Decolonize This Place, the police that are around us are not our friends. You should not speak to them. They are our enemy. They know that we will f.cking free Palestine”.

    “The gates of Al-Aqsa are made of Iron—they only be opened by a martyr. Black Lives Matter! We will start an infanta! NYPD and Tel Aviv too”!

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