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14 Replies to “Who will fact check the fact checkers”

  1. The same people who will audit the auditors.

    “Wirecard AG’s long-time auditors, Ernst & Young, accused their client of “an elaborate and sophisticated fraud” that allowed more than $2 billion to go missing.

    Now that Wirecard has filed for court protection from creditors, the accountants who signed off on the fintech firm’s books for a decade are rejecting responsibility for their role in the debacle and preparing for the inevitable avalanche of lawsuits.”

    • It’s like the Chinese gold company that borrowed huge sums using counterfeit gold as collateral. The lenders had insurance coverage from a third party – a state-owned enterprise, no less. Trustworthy, right?

      The collateral [fake gold bars] could only be spot tested, and that takes special equipment. But who has access to that equipment?
      – Apparently, only the gold company borrower.

      Now, the gold company goes bankrupt.
      Who gets sued? Who’s adjudicating the matter ?
      In the PRC, these are all mysteries.

      • I’m not sure why they cannot do specific gravity tests on all the bars. It shouldn’t be difficult or that time consuming considering the vast amount of money involved. Once set up, assuming all the bars are the same dimensions, you should be able to do a full test on each one with a quick weight and displacement comparison with a real gold bar with the same weight and dimensions as the standard.

        • Unless they ALL know it’s fake, or might well be fake, but each figures he can float on the bubble long enough to outlast the others. Like the derivatives market.

        • I’m with you, I’ll bet a lot of people holding Chinese Gold, for that matter any large bars of Gold are quietly having all of them tested. This has the potential of spreading a lot further and the entire financial system will work hard to prevent the scandal from spreading.

  2. “General Flynn & Family Confirming QAnon
    Where We Go 1 We Go All – Take the Oath! HISTORIC”
    Dustin Nemos – July 5, 2020

  3. Why are Black Lives Matter protestors chanting
    “The Jewish State murders children”, “Black Lives Matter, Palestinian Lives Mater, Israel we know murders children”? They are morphing sooner than I thought.

    George Soros, aka Dr. Evil, funds The revolutionary, delusional group, Black Lives Matter and Snopes.

    • “Black Israelites” – the cult that murdered Jews in Jersey City in December. Given a pass. Because BLM.

      “Deadly Exchange”- It’s time to speak out against anti-Zionists who seek to turn Blacks against Jews

      With the spike in antisemitic violence in and around NYC, the campaign by Jewish Voice for Peace and other anti-Zionist groups to blame Israel and American Jews for police shootings of minorities takes on deadly implications.

      Jewish Voice for Peace and its anti-Zionist allies may have thought they hit on a useful tactic in blaming Jews for policing in minority communities as a way to turn minority public opinion against Israel. But it’s a dangerous and potentially deadly game. It is a modern blood libel with the potential to incite antisemitism at a minimum, and violence in those who buy-into the conspiracy theories and have other axes to grind.

      In this time when violence against Jews is spiking in the communities targeted by the Deadly Exchange campaign, it is time for people of conscience to speak out against the Deadly Exchange incitement.


  4. Fact check this
    Mazin Abdul-Adhim calls Canadian soldiers “war criminals and states “Muslims owe Canada nothing” on his Facebook page. I speak to delusional people and say exactly what he says, they should fact check his Facebook BEFORE telling me I am racist and Islamophobic. OMG, maybe they cannot read, some of them are teachers!

      • What’s wrong with her. Maybe pernicious anemia?
        I asked around.
        The consensus is she’s a devil. Not possessed by THE Devil, but a devil in her own right.
        That’s Mass General, [one of] the top terciary referral hospitals in the world, though without a work-up that’s just a guess..

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