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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Italy does largest bust of amphetamines in counter-narcotic history. Islamic terror connection?”

  1. 1900-1930,1946-1960th,1979-1996,2010,2020-?. One question to dates,why criminally groups come to “History standing”-of class’s book? Because founded money is perspectives of sell. If they come,that’s reliable platform. I wrote this in 2016,when question was finaled by tell of Putin with fillers. But why he is authority,but for secret,not for stability. And who is stability in Countries? About set of blocked,terrors, things on Planet? It’s inside. That must be. When founded is well,when new respect is True.

  2. Blue chicken is forever sorry I say, but Putin didn’t was ever saying opposite! Why? Because German way was always not better until we see everything obviously. A woman’s purse is never only bag of only resort, of course.

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