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8 Replies to “LIVE at Mt. Rushmore protestors slashing tires and otherwise preventing President Trump’s speech”

    • I had a colonoscopy yesterday, the two day prep and the anesthetic knoxked my for a loop I have spent most of today asleep.

      • Men are so sensitive, I can only smile.
        I’ve had two colonoscopies of which the second one involved removal of a few dubious growths. Went about my day as usual, not much pain.
        It is said females are more resistant to pain than men are because of the childbirth issue. We are better equipped to handle it.

        • I watched mine on the screen, too. I asked the doc to switch the channel to Bugs Bunny. I felt better after that.

  1. I watched it as it was unfolding. The usual screeching aggressive mob, this time Natives. At least 100 were blocking access to the road leading to Trump’s venue, about one mile away.
    Unbelievable: they either removed or slashed the tires of their own vans.

    Police were very organized and efficient. They remained calm and arrested the most violent of them, one by one. As the crowd witnessed the arrests, most of them left the area and only some 50 people remained to stir trouble. Police and National Guard slowly pushed them out.

    The problem was removing/towing the vans without damaging them as some had been tampered with for the purpose of damaging them.

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