Is it chaos, or a more and more restricted corridor of acceptable that we are headed into? Links 1, July 2, 2020

1. James Woods nails it

2. Duelling freedom of expressions

3. The erasure of history continues

4. The dismantling of the occupied communist zone in Seattle

5. In Stephen Coughlin’s important brief, Remembering the Misremembered Left, he points out that often communists are elite white males. Certainly elitists.

Here is some proof. The left is not, will not be, and never has been for the working man.

6. The following tweet isn’t just good news. Its perhaps the greatest indicator that a large percentage of the American people are sane, rational classical liberals. It is morale building. Like yesterday’s rally on Parliament Hill. Before that, its been nearly impossible to get enough people together to defend Freedom of Speech in Ottawa for a Bridge game.

7. Sean Hannity interviews the father of a young and easily influenced young man who was killed in the Communist Occupied Zone of Seattle. The police BEGGED the communist thugs to let them get to the victim so they could save his life and were denied access. 36 minutes of difficult watching.

8. BLM destruction in Amsterdam.

(Video and photo at comment link above)

9. The weather in Iran has been quite bomby these days.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Amy Mek, Richard, ET., PePi, PC., EB., Rich, and all who sent in materials and there are many of you. And there is a lot of important events, news and despin of the lies we have been fed for a really long time now coming in.

Please all, do read the Reader’s Links comments for the last few days if you can. There is a lot of real value not posted on the front page for lack of time. Video editing and subtitling takes up quite a bit of it.

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11 Replies to “Is it chaos, or a more and more restricted corridor of acceptable that we are headed into? Links 1, July 2, 2020”

    • Her Ticktocks got “picked up”, she says … as though she didn’t publish them for all the world to see – including “conservatives”.

    • Poor little darling should get a soother, stick it in her mouth, take her security blanket and go to that safe space at Mommy’s. Good bye cruel world, I’m off to Mommy’s basement.

    • When a person becomes a cartoon of themselves – though they have murder in their hearts – you also hear the plea to help them stop themselves. But Democrats make their money as feeders. Spread the Rainbow. So that she-he will end up with an HIV variant of covid-19, a victim of her-him’s “Community,” and the blaming of independent “Straight White Folks” and “Uncle Toms” who made America Great.

      Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver by Judas. A murder of the man to teach all men to be men.

      They-they, should be thanking Judas. Jesus is now God. The way is always up. A New Creation. And never going back to find where you got lost.

  1. The Elder of Ziyon suspended by Twitter!!
    For antisemitism!!
    Shows how easily the plarform can be manipulated. Packs of trolls go after da joooz. But The Elder!

    J.E. Dyer often “sentences” individuals – particularly American military – to a month’s reading the Elder’s twice Daily Links. (Never on Sabbath or holidays.) The Links are a collaborative endeavor. The Elder’s essays are always balanced and thought provoking.
    (He’s been reinstated.)

  2. Consider me completely gaslighted – well done – cooked. I must be effing crazy.

    I know for a fact that two Democrats, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, murdered the legitimate President of Libya and destroyed the nation then let four of their Benghazi staff die without lifting a finger to protect Obama’s, “I got bin Laden and Alqaeda’s on the run” narrative one week ahead of the 2012 election. And nothing happened…
    I saw with my own eyes that Hillary Clinton broke enough security rules to get her about fifteen-to-life in Fort Leavenworth then got off scot-free while Republican General Patreus was punished to the full extent of the law with his post-army career destroyed for a harmless technical infraction that was so small you’d need a microscope to see it. Have you ever noticed that Patreus disappeared like a stone dropped into a pond? Who is so powerful they could do that to America’s greatest general without anyone saying a single word – except Donald Trump, of course? And nothing happened…
    I saw as the whole Democrat machine pulled out all the stops to discredit hydroxychloroquine out of sheer spite for Donald Trump. In the process, they have killed countless thousands of mostly frail old people by denying them the only known treatment for the coronavirus. And nothing happened. They’re murderers, folks… Liars, con men, and murderers…
    And I’ve seen Joe Biden confess on video to doing exactly what they tried to say Trump was doing in the impeachment trial. I saw Joe Biden set his son up with a no-show job at $80,000-a-month then extort the Ukrainian Government into firing the prosecutor who was looking into it – and using his position as vice-President and the money of the US Government to do it. And it’s not vague at all. Biden is obviously guilty as sin, and…NOTHING HAPPENED! Joe Biden belongs in jail for corruption…
    And still, they keep talking about what a crook Trump is and how he needs to be indicted for everything while it’s abundantly clear that the Democrats belong in orange jumpsuits as sure as shootin’. Like, am I going crazy, or is that really how it is…? Is a murderous lying criminal gang actually in the process of hi-jacking the United States of America? Wild… But hey, that’s exactly what happened in Cambodia and Russia and Cuba and North Korea and lots of other places isn’t it…?

    • Petreaus [aka Betrayus] was NEVER a great general. Unless he’s your MB operative. A flawed and very nasty guy.

      It’s a pity PTrump got suckered into appointing his protege, H.R. McMaster.* He eventually went through the revolving door for political generals.

      PT wanted the Cabinet to look spiffy, like the gilded trim on Trump Towers. He’s found many brass rats to be incompetent and astonishingly insubordinate.
      *McMaster: American GIs in Afghanistan should kiss the koran.

  3. All in all, an assemblage of great links. All good news. Thank You All.
    Antifa/BLM are quiet… Maybe the calm before the storm, thinking July 4.
    I hope not.

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