Brad Johnson discusses the possible prosecution of the home-defenders against communist mob

(Please see Tucker Carlson post from last night. The last post before today’s Reader’s Links post)

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10 Replies to “Brad Johnson discusses the possible prosecution of the home-defenders against communist mob”

  1. This is a refreshing nuanced conversation without sound bites.

    Meanwhile in the corporate world, chased by shareholders, they just want sales.

    Hence, they follow the path of least resistance.

    If your customers are already a dhimmi, cuck or suck – cowards who surrendered self-mastery for a given identity – then the more they are made fearful, the more they will buy.

    The walls will echo.

  2. The activists Judges, Prosecutors and Politicians are the main danger right now, they are protecting the mob from punishment for their crimes. With this much protection for the mob there is no way this can end peacefully, it will escalate into a full fledged guerilla war that will last for a long time. We are all going to have to wait and see if the activist prosecutors and Judges manage to punish the victims for defending themselves.

    • Judges, Prosecutors and Politicians all work for Socialist institutions – they would have got internal messages from their govening bodies in support for BLM and how they are championing anti-racism.

      How are they to keep their jobs?

      And, we’re out of Jonnyhu’s box.

    • Civil suits would be one recourse, but that goes back to who’s the judge, what’s the venue.

      The St. Louis couple made their money as personal injury attorneys. That segment of the profession is dominated by sleazy operators. They shake down insurance companies, take massive percentages of bloated settlements. Not all are scum, but most are.

      • The more I learn about this couple, the less I sympathize with them. They were all for Soros and the DA he inflicted on St. Louis. Bragging about their LIfe spent protecting people of color.
        – – Ambulance-chaser law protects human rights?

        Maybe what happened to them will give pause to other rich white liberals who think they’re invulnerable. Maybe.

        • They aren’t people I would want to hang out with, but I will fight to see that they keep their rights. At least until enough evidence is found for a trial for fraud.

          Some of the Rich Libs will learn from this but most won’t.


    Here’s absolute proof that the New York Times is actively and aggressively trying to start a murderous violent literal race-war between the blacks and the whites in the United States.

    Elijah-McCline was stark raving mad and the unmanipulated police body cameras sound recordings prove that. The police were responding to a citizen complaint and simply tried to ask Elijah some questions when he instantly flew into total flight-or-fight mode and started resisting and fighting the cops and going completely hysterical, complete with tears and screams and trying to get the cop’s gun as he fought with every ounce of his adrenaline enhanced strength to get away from the police and to not interact with them in any way. Bananas! In short, Elijah McClaine could have gotten himself shot by the crossing guard if she asked him to wait for a passing car. I’m telling you, he just went nuts the minute the cops tried to question him and the Times doesn’t bother to mention that because they are obviously trying to start a race war.

    Then we see the NY Times article and it shows us this gentle black boy who wouldn’t hurt a fly going out for some ice tea then it shows us expertly doctored body-cam recordings as it tells us a story about mean racist white cops murdering the child for no reason other than that he was going for a walk while black in America – which is a spectacular piece of bullshit on the part of the NY Times. In fact, the whole thing was pretty much a ridiculous nonsensical highly illogical situation…

    Why are they so obviously lying their heads off like that? Who has ordered the NY Times to start a race war in the USA? Who has the power to command the NY Times like that? And when will the editor of the New York Times be placed on trial for causing murders and assaults and riots to happen? They executed the owner of the radio station that engineered the Rwandan genocide. They forgave most, but that bastard they hanged by his evil scrawny neck (hopefully very slowly). They’re killing people, damn it! The New York Times is a murderer…

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