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12 Replies to “1. Defund the police. 2. Eliminate ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY. – Democrat Socialists of America”

  1. Husband is ever right!©® Is not social party manifest. But must be known if you are working to justice,but how? If of over feminists with hard secrets from work-part of healthy Social,that for lawful side. What that else? Provocations..”I know,but don’t say”. It’s oldest woman-strategy for male headache to long time. But we can to think about “somewhere is place of my dreamed girl”,old strategy to stay in mindness to best looking by eyes. Because must be law to good feel of overside,as Union Jack. My husband is perfect Man!

      • Well that sort of worked! If you put that in Google translate, then ask for it in Russian, then copy paste it back to Google transalte and ask for English you get:

        The husband is always right! © ® This is not a social party manifesto. But it should be known if you work for justice, but how? If from feminists with difficult secrets from work – part of healthy juice, then for the legitimate side. What else is this? Provocations .. “I know, but I do not say.” This is the oldest female strategy for male headaches for a long time. But we can think about “somewhere the place of my dreams”, the old strategy, to remain conscious, to look better through the eyes. Because there must be a law in order to feel good aside, like Union Jack. My husband is the perfect man!

        Which is MUCH closer to meaningful. I basically know what “Lucy” means now. I think.

      • Conversely, it could be a code for a place-marker. A hunch.

        A unique grouping of text to enable it to be easily found and collated for court 40 years later.

        An ‘operator’ alogorithm, flags this topic:

        1. Defund the police.
        2. Eliminate ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY. – Democrat Socialists of America

        “Police” seems a good place to plant a code.

        (In the good old days, robot-posts were very bland and chatty and then recommended you see something by clicking the link).

        Then the ‘operator’ embeds a post irrelevant to the topic.

        So that say, every month, a series is compiled, checking the Hate Crimes committed and the temperature of the site.

        This is a good thing.

        Because this website is to enlighten and set individuals free, from hate. Once this Greek-instruction, was not a radical thought. It built The West. But, today, people are told they have to hate. A hate for a hate. So the very truth is hate, itself. White is black and black in white.

        To say 2+2=4, openly: is then to not fear submission, surrender and capitulation.

        The way out of suffering is to remove the fear of consequence, and the pride of attachment that grew to hide it.

        Meditation finds knowledge and logic are friends.
        To have the authority of your own conscience.

        Uniqueness is everyone.

        And when there are ten Lucys, there are ten agencies are spying on each other.

        (Lets hope it is not a higher domain scrub code).

  2. ME, I am floored that such a small number of young adult thugs – almost all Whites – managed to own Manhattan so fast. One week was sufficient. They did it through screeching voices, raised fists, and rage in their eyes.

    So, they got what people think they wanted aka defund police, but it turns out it isn’t enough. CANCEL RENT… As VLAD points out.

    – Autonomous Zone’ for a seventh day as demonstrators say the move is not enough –

    The New York City Council voted to pass the 2021 budget on Tuesday cutting $1billion from police funding
    A majority of 32 lawmakers voted via teleconference to pass the budget minutes shy of the midnight deadline, and 17 voted against it
    $484M will be cut from the department’s $6billion operation budget while another $354M will be shifted to education and social services
    Mayor Bill de Blasio supported the $88.2 billion spending plan, but some critics said the cut wasn’t a billion dollar cut at all and merely shifted police functions
    It comes amid days of protests and a week-long encampment established outside City Hall that is being called the ‘City Hall Autonomous Zone’, echoing Seattle’s CHAZ
    Video footage captured violent clashes between cops and protesters ahead of the vote on Tuesday


    • small number of young adult thugs – almost all Whites…
      Plus one stupid, white thug of a mayor. Who’s married to an ugly, mean, aggressive, and GREEDY black woman.
      They get their marching orders from a black crook, a notorius pogromist buddy of the Kenyan POTUS.

      Say goodbye to your tax base, NYC!

  3. “Black Lives Matter protesters at the NY CHAZ brag about their college educations and mock the police for being uneducated, working class, illiterate rubes. They also call a black cop “black Judas” or race traitor.”
    Ian Miles Cheong – July 1, 2020 – Twitter

    “Trump signs order prioritizing job skills over college degree in government hiring” Michael Collins – June 26, 2020

    “The federal government will no longer be narrowly focused on where you went to school, but the skills and talents that you bring to the job,” Trump said.


  4. “L.A. City Council Passes Motion to Replace Police with ‘Crisis Response’ for ‘Non-violent’ Calls” by Joel B. Pollack – June 30, 2020

    “In Unicorn and Rainbow world this is a great idea. In our world, many violent incidents begin as a nonviolent call. Sit back and watch.
    L.A. City Council Passes Motion to Replace Police with ‘Crisis Response‘ for ‘Non-violent‘ Calls”
    Blu Flu Supporter Let Them Fed For Themselves – July 1, 2020 – Twitter

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