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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson speaks to a man who may be prosecuted for defending his home from an invading mob in Missouri”

  1. Hmm. Sure is a nice house they own. Wish I had a mansion like that, but I won’t say this out loud. No doubt this McCloskey was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. That place is too big for two people. No kids? He’s a lawyer, right? His wife, too? Who do they think they are with their walls and gates? Bet they think they’re better than us. Bet they defend the exploitative bastards we’re fighting. Bet they screwed a lot of poor people. That’s how they got that house. Screwing poor people. Poor black people. Scumbags. I hate people like that. We don’t need people like that. Look at them sitting out there eating. Eating like they own the place. They’re the problem not the solution. Let’s get ’em! Let’s kill ’em and burn the place down. If I can’t have this place then nobody gets it. I don’t care if it’s a historic building. I don’t care about history if it’s the history of white criminals. This house is just another statue. Burn it! Burn it!

    And then I unfolded my arms and legs from this very cramped space into which I had crawled to see what it was like, and was glad to be out.

    • To glimpse the prisoners in their echo-chambers.

      Once they’re in, and said the shahada to kill their freedom of spirit, sworn loyalty to comrades to destroy their freedom of mind, and capitulated to destroy their freedom of body – all made into compulsions of religion – they’ve seen too much to be allowed out.

      Other people’s status, power and possessions are all that was desired. To steal.

      Exit is punishable by death.

      So get out of your box before it kills you.

  2. Things are moving fast and are gaining speed, I don’t know how many members of the mob know that they are being used to try and create a system of government that will ship them off to gulags where they will be worked to death. This is July of 2020 and I didn’t think the insurrection would be this advanced until spring of 2021.

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