Peaceful protestor fires GUN at passing car

The following video by Salty Cracker is quite good. While watching it at around 4 minutes, 7 seconds, it looks an awful like this guy FIRES his gun towards the car before they driver suddenly starts ramming the peaceful protestors. Being shot at might tend to affect a drivers decision making process on accelerating braking and turning.

Frame from around 4:07

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  1. Eber since I read Johnny’s comment, I’ve been taking all videos with a grain of salt. We all now what happens on movie/TV sets when you back away from the camera and find a director and producer. Videos are not reality.

    • It’s true. Just wish I listened to my own advice a little more. Hey Richard, tomorrow is Canada Day up here. National holiday. I won’t touch on the sad irony of this event given our current state, but can you recommend a good Western on Youtube? My kids want a Western tonight and I can’t think of one. (Can’t believe they want a Western!)

    • Yeah, Johnny’s comment was sobering.
      These novice vloggers could use some skills training. Personal reaction before serving the main dish, self-indulgent drivel. Too long.
      This hyperactive dude with low verbal skills is really an imposition.

    • And the beat goes on:
      ‘He looks great’: Protester shoved by Buffalo police in viral video released from hospital

      Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old protester who fell to the ground after being pushed by police in Buffalo, has been released from the hospital.

      Gugino had been hospitalized since the June 4 incident and was able to leave on Tuesday, his attorney Kelly Zarcone said in a statement.

      “I was able to see Martin today and he looks great. He can walk with a little help and his condition will continue to improve with rest and time,” Zarcone said. “I brought him the cards and letters sent to my office and he said he still felt overjoyed at the continued support and well wishes, ‘like it was Christmas Day.’”

      …President Trump soon waded into the controversy when he floated a conspiracy theory that the elderly man might have been part of an antifa plot, an unfounded assertion based on an unfounded report by One America News Network.

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