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3 Replies to “Why the Communist occupiers of part of Seattle changed their name for it to CHOP”

  1. CHAZ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
    CHOP – Capital Hill Occupied Protest

    “Cringe Fringe CHAZ (Soyviet Union) Begins to Collapse Due to Violence and Degeneracy” Styx – June 22, 2020

  2. New Your Times: Opinion

    “After two largely peaceful weeks, shootings over the last several days near the Capitol Hill Organized Protest area, CHOP for short, left a 19-year-old man dead and three others wounded. Mayor Jenny Durkan announced on Monday that the city would retake the abandoned police precinct at the heart of the zone and wind down the occupation.

    In its brief life, CHOP has reinforced Seattle’s reputation as a quirky left-coast bastion of strong coffee and strong progressive politics. Many white Seattleites like to think of their city that way too. But Seattle’s progressive appearance is deceiving.

    It is a city and region with a long history of racism, of violent marginalization, and of pushing back against more radical movements for social change. It is, in short, much like the rest of America.”

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