Watching Marxism replace rule of law, and individual rights: Links 2, June 24, 2020

1. Today’s theme is how petty tyrants use the pseudo-reasoning of Neo-Marxism to destroy anyone who is not at least in the forward 50% of the communist movement.

2. Jordan Peterson: The activists are now stalking the hard scientists

By Jordan Peterson

So many messages of appalling idiocy, detestable envy, and envy embarrassing to behold, crossed my desk in the last fortnight that I found myself in the rare position of having too much to record — a writer’s dream. But that content also indicated that the bell is tolling, and that I am one of those for whom the death knell sounds.


I have watched the universities of the Western world devour themselves in a myriad of fatal errors over the last two decades, and take little pleasure in observing the inevitable unfold. It is a failing of human reason, with all its limitations, ego, and pretensions, to serve as Cassandra; to derive a certain satisfaction in watching the ship whose demise was foretold breach its hull on rocks hidden from all other observers.


The self-righteous pleasure of “I told you so,” is, however, of little comfort when the icy water wends its way around ankle, knee and thigh, threatening to swamp everything still retaining its incalculable and unlikely value, even if it simultaneously makes short shrift of the ignorance and willful blindness that is frequently part and parcel of the death of something once great.

3. ‘Death to Whites’ Graffiti Appears on Belgian Town Hall Building

Graffiti calling for the death of white people and insults toward police was found on the walls of the town hall of the Belgian town of Zaventem, with the local mayor connecting the statements to Black Lives Matter supporters.


The phrases “death to white people” and “fuck the police” were found written on the side of the building last weekend. Local mayor Ingrid Holemans said that she is taking the statements very seriously and that they are likely connected to the resurgence of the movement inspired by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.


“It’s a reaction to what happened in the United States,” Holemans said. She added: “It has to do with the death of George Floyd, the African American who died during a police intervention.”


“And now, someone in Zaventem believes that it is necessary to tag the town hall building. But that, too, is violence. And we cannot fight violence with violence,” Holemans said, according to a Monday report by Belgian news site 7sur7.

(1. It has exactly nothing to do with the death of George Floyd. 2. No amount of threats or actions against White people will convince socialist governments of Western nations to allow their indigenous White citizens to defend themselves in any meaningful or effective way, and those that improvise a defence will likely be charged for something serious. Which tells us a lot about the nature of the real force behind these events)

4. The V4, of which Poland is a member, may be the last saddle of sanity in the Western World.

5. Wonderful statement of facts from a woman who has not yet learned to be afraid.

6. Girlfriend of Man Who Flew “White Lives Matter” Banner Fired From Her Job

The girlfriend of the man who flew a “white lives matter” banner over a football match in the UK has been fired from her job after refusing to take “intensive racial sensitivity training.”

The banner was seen trailing behind a plane over Manchester City’s Etihad stadium on Monday before the club’s Premier League game with Burnley.


It provoked widespread condemnation and a police investigation, although authorities subsequently concluded that no criminal offense had been committed.


The person responsible for the banner, Burnley fan Jamie Hepple, faced a social media witch hunt although he responded with a Facebook post that said, “I’d like to take this time to apologise… TO ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOBODY!”


However, after a Twitter mob discovered the employment details of his girlfriend Megan, she was fired by Solace Foot Health and Reflexology simply for being guilty by association.

(Refuse the Marxist indoctrination camp, face the new Gulag of financial and social ostracism. Soon both will be compulsory in a more obvious sense)

7. Man wants to sue police for not rescuing him from communist occupied Seattle where police were forbidden by the occupiers as well as the mayor herself. His suit should be directed there.

8. EXCLUSIVE: Burnley fan who chartered plane to fly White Lives Matter banner over Etihad stadium is SACKED from engineering firm where he worked as he defiantly says: ‘I’m not racist, I’d do it all again’

The Burnley football fan behind the White Lives Matter banner above the Etihad stadium has been sacked from his job at an engineering firm. 


Jake Hepple, 24, was dismissed from his role as a welder at Lancashire-based Paradigm Precision this afternoon, with the company saying it ‘did not condone or tolerate racism in any form’.  


It came as Mr Hepple used an interview with MailOnline to announce he did not regret the stunt, and tried to excuse his use of the word P*** online by saying he sometimes gets ‘a bit coked up and uses offensive language’. 


He said: ‘I’m not racist. I know people are trying to make out to be one but I’m not. I’ve got lots of Black and Asian friends and this banner was actually inspired by the Black Lives Movement.


‘We were not trying to offend the movement or black people. I believe that it’s also important to acknowledge that white lives matter too. That’s all we were trying to say.’

(What is a four letter word that starts with P? Seriously what is it?)

9. Check out the list of communist actions against all companies and individuals connected to flying a banner saying White Lives Matter over a soccer game. The airport has removed runway access from the banner company. This is full blown Soviet communism!

[…] Blackpool Airport, which was used by the plane, announced it had suspended all banner towing operations ‘with immediate effect’ and said it ‘did not condone’ the message. […]


The company that operated the plane, Air Ads, is based in Stockport and flies from Blackpool Airport.

But it emerged yesterday the airport had suspended flights operated by the company pending an investigation. […]


The pilot, who did not wish to be named, told Sky News the banners are made to order and the flights cost around £700, with pilots taking around £100 per flight.

He added: ‘We would assume whoever paid for the banner would get done for it.’

(This is inconceivable in the way 1984 is also inconceivable.)

10. Once again, this is a communist insurgency. And even Democrat elected reps who think they are exempt from the path of destruction because they support it, capitalize on it and probably fund it, are in for a shock. Like this Wisconsin State Senator. This is about tearing down the system using race as a battering ram or any other potential victim politics they can exploit. These people do not give a damn about any injustice except the ones they can create to stress the system to breakage.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, PePi., C., Xanthippa, ET., EB., and all who have preserved their moral and ethical frames of reference in these challenging times

We will be doing a segment with Brad about Flynn. Meanwhile:


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7 Replies to “Watching Marxism replace rule of law, and individual rights: Links 2, June 24, 2020”

  1. 5. Wonderful statement of facts from a woman who has not yet learned to be afraid.

    So nice to see a young articulate educated white woman talking sense like that. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be hopelessly clued-out with heads full of misinformation and prejudice, without the humility necessary for learning to take place and with an attitude of complete intolerance toward the opinions of others.

    Of course, now they’ll be saying she’s a great admirer of Adolf Hitler and a paid-up member in good standing of the Ku Klux Klan…

  2. “Paki”

    You can’t say “Paki”. “Brit”, on the other hand, desire bring a term of abuse used by Irish terrorists, is just fine.

    Do I sound annoyed?

    • No, just irrational and queer. This skewed logic ‘it’s not fair that I can be offended but they can’t,’ is the same dumbing down we see everywhere everyday – these lame excuses are so tiresome.

      If you want to insult, just do it because you want to insult.

      “The idea for it came from a football pal of mine. He wanted to make the point that not just Black Lives Matter but so do white ones and all other ones.
      ‘I supported the idea and believe that it needed to be said. I still do.”


      (Lucy, an honest crook, is infinitely better than a hypocrite).

      • I’m just catching up, but a few days back you corrected a mention of the mayor of London being an immigrant. Nope, you said, Sadiq Khan was born in the UK. It’s an important point.

        Here we have a native-born _Brit_ with _Paki_ characteristics. Dual-loyalty issues would be Islamic in nature, rather than the Westphalian sovereignty of bygone days.

        Which means the Europe we rescued twice in the last century is utterly transformed. There will be no Over There, or the Yanks come marching…

        Paradigm shift.

    • And Canuck is fine and so is Yank. You have to say “Mumbai” instead of Bombay but Florence is fine and not Firenze etc. etc. ad infinitum.

      • if equality of unfairness is argued for, then yes, a success is achieved and the Socialists will also ban the Irish from ever saying Br*t again, making it a Hate Crime too; and the Communists will say it was admitted that P and B are both equally offensive, so to hard labor those who use the words by doubling down on them; and the sharia courts everywhere will declare that no Kufar is ever equal a muslim, and that a Blasphemy was committed.

        To cut off your nose to spite your face. To play their game, and lose.

        Republicans have taken this tack by default, and lost. Trump doesn’t.

        And so if you argued Black Lives Matter is a front for race-hustlers and that White Lives Matter is just a parody for this stupidity, then the past will remain in the past, and the present in the present.

        Because only the resentful are compelled to relive imaginings as their Groundhog Day for the rest of their lives. And to keep themselves feeling justified, they will drag you down with them. Every child will be condemned or praised, maled or femaled, and their seething rages will never be quenched.

        Womens Liberation can never be won until all males are dead – that they are only just into their castrated cucks and inverted sexuals, wave. This hegelian dialectic compromise for equality – that you will lose everytime. The triggers of the perpetually offended remain, as they become new creatures in old forms.

        “And Canuck is fine and so is Yank. You have to say “Mumbai” instead of Bombay”. ‘Occupied country’ trumps ‘successful combatants,’ you lose again. Want to play more?

        No one normal ever wins at Victim-Cards. In such worlds, the children are raped.

        100 years ago, 10 years, 1 year, 10 days, 1 day, 10 minutes, 1 minute, just now… are you still going to carry that insult, that mark of pride, forever?

        “You can’t say “Paki”. “Brit”, on the other hand, desire bring a term of abuse used by Irish terrorists, is just fine.”

        Do I sound annoyed?

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