Nine items ranging from indicative to conclusive on the culture shift and what it means: Links 1, June 24, 2020

1. Tim Poole’s anger punches through the usual mask of neutrality. (Warning: Language)

2. Dinesh D’Souza has a new film coming out this August. We must get copies before its totally blocked through all distribution networks, and show it to our friends at our homes.

3. There are a lot of these out now. Here are a couple:

4. FOX Discussion on the curious discrepancy between BLM’s claims of motive for its actions, and its actions.

5. This is a one hour lecture on the new victim culture from an academic, but insight driven perspective. Specifically, his facts are important and we all need to know them. But his explanation for the motive for the British National Student Union to de-platform some of the most interesting people, (for example) as well as massively leftist feminist and gay activists seems derived from observation and insight. It is not without value. But it may help us to understand the Frankfurt School’s second generation tactician, Habermas.

Habermas came up with a specific method for forcing a Marxist view on a culture by creating not agreement, but consensus. A very different concept from agreement. And then by deliberately labeling all independent thought about that consensus as “hate speech”. Probably the best example would be to call all who use real science to discuss the lack of evidence for Global Warming as “Deniers”. Therefore, all who do not accept the consensus of man-caused, more specifically, Western capitalist man caused, Global Warming is tantamount to a Holocaust denier.

This is not to say it is not worth seeing the video below. Only that sometimes what appears to be incompetence really is malice.

6. DOJ Has Been on an Indictment Spree Against Violent Anarchists

U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain announced that David Elmakayes, 24, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was charged by criminal complaint with malicious damage of property with an explosive device and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.  The defendant is currently in federal custody and will make his initial appearance in federal court today.  The government will be seeking the defendant’s detention pending trial on these charges.


The complaint alleges that on June 3, 2020, at approximately 11:45 p.m., Elmakayes used an explosive device to heavily damage an automated teller machine (ATM) on the sidewalk at 217 East Westmoreland Street in North Philadelphia.  When he was arrested a short time later, he had three more explosive devices in his possession, as well as a .32 caliber pistol.


“Blowing up an ATM and illegal firearms possession are not acts of protest against perceived injustice.  They are federal felonies and will be treated as such,” said U.S. Attorney McSwain.  “As alleged, Elmakayes tried to take advantage of the unrest in Philadelphia to get away with a violent crime.  Now he will face the consequences.”

7. DC Police Clear ‘Autonomous Zone’ Protesters Near White House

Police in Washington on Tuesday cleared the streets around the White House after protesters tried to set up an autonomous zone on Monday evening.


Some protesters had set up tents and food distribution areas near H Street and 16th Street, known as Black Lives Matter Plaza, near Lafayette Square. Riot police were seen telling protesters to leave while moving in a line.

The police were heard telling the demonstrators and occupiers to “move back, move back.”

8. How is this mandatory facemask ‘law’ for white people only, not at least indicative evidence that Covid is mostly a fraud? If it was real, Black Americans could make the claim that the government was trying to exterminate them by not requiring the same level of protection as they do for White people.

9. Great news for African hookers! U.N. Approves $6.5 Billion Peacekeeping Budget for Next 12 Months (breitbart, Jun 24, 2020)

(For a perfectly clear explanation of my adjusted title, please find and watch the movie, U.N. Me about general UN corruption and in particular the segments on peacekeeping. Trailer below)

The U.N. has unanimously approved its own peacekeeping budget for the next 12 months, signing off on a $6.5 billion allocation Tuesday under an agreement reached among the globalist body’s 193 member states.

The funds will come from taxpayers around the globe as the U.N. is entirely reliant on member contributions for its operation. The peacekeeping allocation is separate from the U.N.’s three billion dollar operating budget which runs from January to December.

U.S. taxpayers contribute more to the U.N.’s regular budget than any other of the body’s members, at 22 percent, although controversy has always surrounded just how it allocates the funds:

When the U.N. was first established in 1945 as an organization deliberating peace and security matters, the regular budget was $19.39 million in nominal dollars, according to a Heritage Foundation report. In 2016, it was $5.4 billion biennially.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, EB., ET., PC., Xanthippa, Richard, MissPiggy, Babs, and all who sent in materials so far this week.

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4 Replies to “Nine items ranging from indicative to conclusive on the culture shift and what it means: Links 1, June 24, 2020”

  1. We are living through a massive culture shift, the question is will it shift to the left and include the destruction of all of our history and culture or will the destruction of our history and culture cause a massive backlash among enough people to ensure that we shift in the opposite direction towards more freedom and a return to the rule of law?

    • When Cuba went Communist, there were enough people living in poverty who felt they had nothing to lose by destroying the system. First the wealthy and powerful, then entrepreneurs and business people lost everything. But the peasant class was far larger, united, and continued to support the charismatic leader.

      In a revolution here, WHO stands to gain WHAT?

      No sugar plantation serfs, unions beat “proletarian oppression” long ago. So the Leninist “base” is limited to those brainwashed into believing they’re victims of micro-aggressions. Or at any rate, victims of something outside their own agency.

      Losers. Who can’t be mobilized to fight The Man because they’re a mixed multitude that defines itself by its splinters. Impossible to unite, inchoate objectives. All they can do is wreck havoc.

      And whoever is choreographing and funding them knows that perfectly well. The only thing they might accomplish is destabilization of our institutions and massive disruption of our economy.

      That might buy time for enemies who play a very long game. There’s even documentation of their objectives: the Explanatory Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood and Made in China 2025.

      • All that matters is that enough mud is flung at the West that the populace of various tyrannical nations can make the case to their people that the Democratic West is exactly the same as Nazi Germany, thus negating all motivation to become democratic themselves. If we don’t look bad at all times the dictators will all fall at once so it is extremely important to the left that the West be slagged as much as possible and with the most vicious slander they can dream up…

        Haven’t you figured it out yet? Those people you see scuttling about in black clothes and masks aren’t well-intentioned freedom-fighters. Those are the evil people of this earth and they are hell-bent on engulfing us all in flames. No kidding!

        • And the corporate media tells the same story in places as relatively obscure as New Zealand. Feeding the population this noxious mess.

          They’ve got themselves a wannabe dictator, and – oh, what great good fortune! – they’ve been rescued from democracy run amok.

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