CHAZ, Muslim attacks Rabbi, Wuhan Flu data, (FWIW) and of course, some facts on Slavery: Links 2, June 12, 2020

1. The PRC (People’s Republic of Chaz) requires these things in order to continue to oppress the residents inside their borderless borders.

2. Could be real. Might be what an old friend used to refer to as: “Suffocating them in a blanket of their own madness”.

3. Was it funny? Then you should have laughed

4. So now we know the attacker of the Rabbi in London is an “Asian”, which is the British euphemism for Muslim.

(Long articles read till now avoided any identifiers of the attacker because it is much more important to protect islam than the people they stab)

5. Notice how ANTIFA use skateboards as weapons. A tough heavy piece of wood with a good grip surface which doubles as a getaway vehicle. Beware the skinny white kid with a skateboard. (Language)

6. More Project Veritas on communist insurgents and their training and goals.

7. Deportations from CHAZ have started from this borderless heavily fortified border with the rest of Seattle.

8. How communist is Canada? Let’s ask the National Post

(How dare they try and remove victim status from people who litterally moved here from culturally homogenous nations to escape horror and poverty and come to Canada for a better life, by saying Canada isn’t racist. How DARE THEY!)

9. The man, allegedly from Pakistan, who stabbed the Rabbi in London

Although most media claims it was not a hate crime, the DM differs.

We live in times where often there are more camera angles for a real crime than there are for a crime drama big budget movie. Occasionally even better quality.

10. Dr. Bill Warner on slavery. A little more than the Marxist weaponized version of it.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., PC., Johnny U., Sassy, Wrath of Khan, Richard, EB., ET., and all who sent in materials. What a week. Lets hope in a month from now, anyone who didn’t know about all the madness this week won’t even believe it did when you tell them.


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15 Replies to “CHAZ, Muslim attacks Rabbi, Wuhan Flu data, (FWIW) and of course, some facts on Slavery: Links 2, June 12, 2020”

  1. WATCH: The then advisor of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan kicks a demonstrator lying on the ground

    This time Yusuf Yerkel, the then advisor of Prime Minister Erdogan…this gentleman in the picture, who just stepped with his foot on the demonstrator lying on the ground and detained by the gendarmeri…and then took sick leave for 1 week because his foot allegedly did “Ouch!” and charged the demonstrator for it…philosophises about the “banality of evil” and criticises the “violence of the white policemen” in the USA.

    • Hi Sassy, not all Pakistanis are muslim, and not all muslims are good muslims. So your prescience to be 100% accurate on this one particular person who sold their soul for 72 virgin sex-slaves – is awesome.

      I never like words to be banned, and I never like them to be misused if toxic. But here, you used the most gentle, soothing and least offence. Too kind.

  2. 4. Daily Mail Headline:
    “Police say London knife attack on Hasidic rabbi is NOT terror – although witnesses claim he was stabbed because of his religion – before two hero builders pinned down ‘attacker’.”

    Do you see how racist those builders were in Hackney, London England?

    Just go a little further south, and see how real lives matter:

    The fatherless ghettos of Socialism.

    • UM Home Secretary Priti Patel in parliament was accused of “gaslighting minorities” when she was like being asked ‘how many times do you beat your husband’ and retreated from that Saul Alinski attack by saying she was a black victim too. Virtue Signalling. Diversity Trumps. In the lowest house of the land. They cannot debate or operate the levers of power properly. Decadence and hubris. 1920 Germany heading into a recession.

      • Questions and Answers in Parliament are always scripted – this Race defence therefore was premeditated and presented for the whole country to replicate in every town and shire. A committee believed it gave her answers more merit, greater respect, and a depth of authority she would never have.

        Everyone has equality in the UK. Though some more equal from the day their government hands out £500 to Mommas on Benefits for having a baby. No questions asked.

        “Free stuff,” corrupts the soul. And it is almost impossible to unfurlough.


    The only reason they are going after Confederate Generals and “The Dukes of Hazzard” is to piss off the often-Republican Southerners and sow more division in the United States while continuing to heap endless slander about racism and homelessness and violence and crime etcetera, etcetera. This is the same devious bullshit the bad guys have been perpetrating for longer than I’ve been alive to see it.

    The only thing that matters right now is for people in the West to wake up to the fact that they are being played like violins and to start being not nice about it, to quote the great Patrick Swayze…

    There’s no way they should pick at these old scabs and villanize the South. The war is over…

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