If everything is racist nothing is: Links 1, for June 12, 2020

1. They got Cleese. I knew they would, he has gently and in a very gentlemanly way, warned that leftism would mean the end of comedy. But they got him.

Fawlty Towers ‘Don’t mention the war’ episode removed from BBC-owned UKTV


2. This is alleged to be West Ham soccer fanatics fighting back against communist insurgents under the banner of black lives matters in England.

3. Trudeau’s Minister for Foreign Affairs owes $1,200,000.00 to the Bank of China.

(At this stage the cheapest and most efficient thing to do would be to put bars around parliament and just make it a prison.)

His weakness towards China was already an appalling disgrace. Now, the revelation that he owes $1.2 Million to the Bank of China eliminates any possibility he can do the job. We can’t trust him.

With the GLobe & Mail having reported that Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne owes $1.2 million to China through to mortgages held by the Bank of China, it is now clear that Champagne has a direct point of vulnerability when it comes to dealing with China.

As John Ivison notes“Margaret McCuaig Johnston, a senior fellow at the China Institute at the University of Alberta was a senior bureaucrat in Ottawa for 37 years. She said she doesn’t recall anything as egregious as this case in her time. “It is inconceivable that this is not at the back of his mind as he deals with the government of China, his most difficult file,” she said.”

4. New Autonomous zone in Portland shows that failure to treat cancer early results in metastasis.

WOOPS! They packed it in after one night. Making your own country, even when you just steal a part of someone else’s, must be too much like work.

5. Vandals pick iconic targets to destroy or deface at Synagogue

6. Hungary Sees 5.5 Per Cent Birthrate Increase After Enacting Pro-Family Policies

State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs Katalin Novák announced on Thursday that Hungary had seen a rise in both the number of births and a 5.7 per cent rise in the fertility rate in the first four months of this year, compared to the same period in 2019.


“Good news again!” she stated added that marriages have also increased with one-and-a-half more marriages recorded this year compared to the previous year.

The report comes after Hungary passed pro-family legislation last year that included a Family Protection Action Plan which increased government spending on families by 224 billion Hungarian Forints (£619 million).

(It has been our contention that to stop the demographic decline of the West, all that is needed is to reduce the amount of socialism in all its various guises. The common misconception is that wealth makes people not want families. Of course this would be easily disproven just by feeding ducks. The more you feed them, the more ducks you get. Socialism tends to make having a wife and children a massive liability. Get back to fairness and let people enjoy each other and families will grow. One might suspect that Hungary is proving that)

7. Founding Father, Raz of Chaz

8. Now, more people are being fired or otherwise disenfranchised for not vocally supporting, or worse, daring to speak reason against the new religion of Neo-Marxism and its deceptive taxonomies. More than one can easily keep up with unless it becomes a specialty. If it has not already been done, and if someone is looking for a place to contribute, a website or at least an up to date list of people who have been punished in one way or another for failure to comply would be a huge contribution to the efforts of the restoration of freedom.

9. Chaz isn’t even cop free. Its just police-retarded, in that police response times have tripled. How is that working out? Ask one of the rape victims.

(The new police order in the nascent nation of Wakanda, Chaz, seems to be not like the old order at all. No. Its actually like the communists CLAIM the old order was, and was the Casus Belli for the revolution they started.

10. Dinesh D’Souza really does an excellent explanation for the socialist roots of current problems in under 3 minutes.

Thank you M., ML., Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy, RAIR Foundation, Johnny U., Yucki, Chris Jones, Xanthippa and all who contributed in any way this week. PC if you are out there, I really hope you are well. 

As well as Churchill statues, communists are now tagging Robert The Bruce as racist. I guess as a Scotsman he was racist against the English?


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4 Replies to “If everything is racist nothing is: Links 1, for June 12, 2020”

  1. lol Vlad.

    Everything we have discussed – is by stealth coming to pass.

    How to reach this plantation mindset. That is the question. Demoralized people made into giants by their handlers; whilst ripping out the hearts of children with Faith. The single mothered child as captive as any stolen by muslim raiders.

    Free Speech, conceal-carry, and the right to free association, are all the things Europeans don’t have. And yet these privileged land azy degenerates still demand approval and “free stuff”.

    So, I took a break, and just upset or reassured those around me to look from a father’s perspective. The State-raised, Heaven-dhimmi’d, and southern-comforted, harm for a sense of life.

    How’s it going? Any new readers figure this out yet?


    • Ok, you took a break.
      I hope you’re refreshed.

      Mutter, mutter…
      Fine time to worry us: GERMS threaten us everywhere! Parrots keep repeating, Stay safe, Stay safe, Stay safe. awk, awk!

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