Youtube deletes Brad Johnson interview where he exposes ANTIFA with their own words and video

Youtube took down Brad Johnson’s interview on ANTIFA which we did in 2019 because generic ToS. (Terms of Service) Here is the crucial segment with an introduction by Brad about this strange move, yet consistent with policy by the people at Alphabet/Google/Youtube:

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  1. Does anyone who watched that doubt that the radical left is going to start using firearms and explosive in their European and North American fights? If you want to see what is coming (probably on a larger scale) look up the communist terror groups in Europe in the 60s and 70s. The Dem leaders are trying to use their militias to recreate the summer of 68 and they are planning on using Antifa and their other militia groups to recreate the terror campaigns of the 60s and 70s.

    • A little history lesson: 1919 in Hungary the Communists took over with a coup. They disbanded all armed forces (army, police) and then they formed nice little Death Squads. Then they systematically started to touring the country, murdering anyone who even just wasn’t overly excited about them. When the Leftists in the USA push for abolishing the police, they following that exact recipe. History repeats itself…

      • They always follow the same script, this script usually calls for 25% or better of the population to be sent to the “re-education” camps. This list includes but isn’t limited to 1: All politicians that weren’t communist, 2: All Teachers from Kindergarden up to and including University Professors who aren’t teaching communism, 3) All police officers who weren’t part of the revolution 4) All Military Officers and NCOs that didn’t come over to communism early, 5) All Collage Graduates who weren’t part of the Communist groups that seized power.

        These and others are on the kill or re-educate list because they know that a successful counter revolution is possible and may have enough popularity to be the leaders in the counter revolution.

        Once the targeted killing starts there will be a lot of people opposing it, this is why the Police Chief in the Colion Nior video was forced out of office. He was supporting the people to be armed and defending themselves.

        Historically no revolution has been successful without one third of the population supporting the revolution. Not fighting but supporting the revolution, many people who don’t study history don’t realize that the civilian support is necessary for any successful revolution. Right now the left don’t have that much support although they are trying to make us think they do, what they do have is enough support to carry out a long term terror/asymmetric war attack on the nation. For a terror or asymmetric war to be carried out the terrorists only need about 5% of the population supporting the revolt.

        If the defund, dismantle the police campaign succeeds the defenders of the Second Amendment people those regions will be the first to be attacked. With no way to file criminal charges against the attackers they will fight back and the Propaganda Media will start attacking them.

      • I believe the Polish people saw that play out in Katyn Forest. Same reason. Was one of the only times the Nazis helped expose a mass murder for political reasons.

        • Yes that was done by the Soviets to prevent Poland having a lot of trained officers after the war. They also kept German Staff Officers that hadn’t committed any crime in camps until they decided to join the East German Army to prevent West Germany having trained officers. I have also heard rumors that any allied officers that the Soviets liberated had a less then 50 percent chance of ever making it home.Then look at the way the North Koreans and the Chinese treated the POWs during the Korean War.

          The above are why the people in Nam did everything they could to prevent being captured, up to and including making deals with their friends so they would be shot by the friends before they were carried off the battle field.

          • The Hannibal Directive:
            “According to this directive, soldiers are ordered to do everything to prevent the successful capturing of a kidnapped soldier, even if such measures endanger the soldier himself.…

            Some versions of the directive went so far as to declare, “Better a dead soldier than a captured soldier.” Accordingly, one might even fire directly on the soldier, if no other means could prevent him from being captured alive. Alternatively, threatened soldiers might be expected to drop a grenade and kill themselves and their potential captors.”

            Hannibal Directive: Exclusive tapes reveal details of IDF’s Black Friday

  2. “The Tactics of Communism” by Fulton J. Sheen

    24. Q. Is the goal of American Communism different from the goal of International Communism?

    A. No, in both the goal is the establishment of the proletarian dictatorship by revolution. “In the revolutionary situation the Communist Party… wins some of the armed forces to its side, and leads the effective majority of the population to the seizure of State power….Above all they need the armed forces.” (Earl Browder, What is Communism?, pp. 164 and 165.)

    25. Q. What does the word “Fascism” mean to the Communist?

    A. It means anything that is anti-Communist. Browder identifies it with the DuPonts and a “system of murder and concentration camps for everyone who raises his voice against exploitation and oppression.” (What is Communism?, p. 106.) Dimitrov says it is “rabid reaction and counter-revolution.” (Working Class Against Fascism, p. 14.)

    Note: In order to think clearly about Communism it is well always to translate the word Fascism whenever they use it as anti-Communist. When the Communist orator pleads for the union of the employed, or the unemployed, or the Negro, or students to fight against Fascism, remember Fascism to a Communist is anti-Communist.

    Earl Browder – Conservapedia

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