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11 Replies to “George Soros speaks on Trump”

  1. Why Trump do something about this old fart criminal??, He created all this chaos in Europe and all over the world, He and His son schould be in jail for dead so many innocent people in Europe ..

    • We are bound by the law, we can’t just move on Soros and others of his ilk until we can get evidence that will hold up in court.

  2. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this guy turned out to be an enemy agent acting as a proxy for any of a number, if not all of, the bad guys? Wouldn’t it be great, from the enemy’s perspective, to have a made-up mad billionaire going around donating to evil causes and manipulating markets at will – markets that I have control over? If I was the bad guys I’d have proxies like him all over the place from university professors to politicians to Kieth Ellison to lots of people. Imagine how much easier it would be for an already-ambitious talented individual to get to the top with the help of an entire government. Imagine how easy it would be to get tenure and endorsements and breaks from the Harvey Weinsteins.

    Yuri Bezmenoff said that when the chaos phase came we would already know the agents. We would already know them… Like Rob Reiner and Jane Fonda and Ralph Nader, perhaps…? If Noam Chomsky isn’t an agent I’ll eat my hat… Sean Penn? Barack Obama…?

    • Wow. That role would be consistent with the role that GS played as a young teenager: representing the Nazi war machine in cataloging stolen goods.

      Also, Chris – Thanks for your sad vignette of your mom’s adept conversational skills in the midst of her own Alzheimer’s dementia, comparing to my account of expressive aphasia.

      Also, updated “internet-info” I saw is that the police officers in the GF murderous incident are NOT related by marriage. It wouldn’t make sense to assign related officers to work together. My hope is the trail brings out info more accurate than random on-line postings.

  3. Old octopus left out just one tiny (but very important!) little word in his statement: “a danger to [OUR] world”. He confuses “the world” with himself in his megalomania (symptomatic for this clinical pattern).

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