Five more reasons to find an exoplanet: Links 2, June 6, 2020

1. Abandoning merit and forcing Marxist methods of hiring people had intended this result, because anyone could have predicted this would be the result.

2. In case anyone still thinks that the MSM or legacy media is not just enemy propaganda pushing a Neo-Marxist agenda, check out this tweet from CBS reporter:

3. James O’Keefe tweet:

4. Mali: Muslims murder 27, burn some alive in jihad attacks on predominantly Christian villages

Suspected Islamic radicals killed at least 27 people, some of whom were burned alive, in a series of attacks that spanned from last Tuesday to Wednesday evening in three villages that advocates say are predominantly inhabited by Christians in Central Mali, officials said.


As escalations in communal violence have plagued the West African country in recent years, local officials told Reuters that attacks in the villages of Bankass, Koro and Tillé were carried out by armed men on motorcycles whom they believe to be jihadists that claim to protect Fulani herders from Dogon farmers.


“We were surprised by the attack on the village of Tillé,” Doucombo Deputy Mayor Yacouba Kassogué told the news agency. “Seven were killed, all Dogons, some of them burned alive.”

5. BLM shows its hand, demands “Collective ownership”


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Gates of Vienna and all who are watching and posting to the Daily Reader’s Links post.

Scott Adams:


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    The only people who need to be told that black lives matter are black people themselves because everybody else already knows that black lives matter. Try bringing up the hundreds of black people that are murdered every week in Chicago and Philly and DC by fellow black people and the black activists couldn’t be less interested and just can’t change the subject fast enough. Then try telling them that reliable statistics prove that there is no epidemic of young black males being murdered by white police and they start screaming, “RACIST!” at you as they shut their ears and scream their lies. Try telling them that committing crime and then resisting arrest is dangerous – they don’t hear it. All they are interested in is finding that one case of white-on-black violence that they can use as an excuse to assault white people and steal big-screen TVs. What utter bullshit…and the world seems to be buying into it. Very bad. Very untrue… Black people are not making themselves look very good these days. I’m sick of their bullshit. Sick to death of it…:(

    And shame on the perfect Quislings who are sucking up to these lawless violent assholes. Shame on them… A couple of weeks ago an old white couple visiting their veteran son’s grave were murdered by a black guy just for being crackers. Where’s the big fuss over that? Don’t white lives matter? What utter bullshit!!!

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