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2 Replies to “Black Lives Matters is a leftist LIE”

  1. I hope we can get more Blacks on youtube pushing the facts they brought out, that is one of the few things that may derail the civil war the left is trying to start.

  2. Also consider watching the documentary “Uncle Tom” with a preview available online at this link: https://uncletom.com/

    It provides an oral history of the American Black Conservative.
    Black Conservatives are one of the most misunderstood political groups in America.
    Uncle Tom exposes the double standards they face for “not being black enough”.
    This is a collection of intimate interviews with some of America’s most provacative black conservative thinkers. At some point in their lives, each cast memebr has been called an Uncle Tom. It’s a story about self-empowerment. Of taking control of your own story by getting an education and not playing the victim card. Uncle Tom wants America to be a nation of well-informed, educated human beings.

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