Russian political advert for constitutional amendment

This is an interesting TV commercial from Russia. It would of course be an imprisonable offence in Canada to air an add like this.

Darlin|<, our Russian translator tells us that the video is obvious in what is said except the last two lines, which she translated and the titles are added in the correct spot.

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8 Replies to “Russian political advert for constitutional amendment”

    • Russia – orphan being adopted by a same-sex couple –

      Is that the kind of society you choosed ? Vote for the new constitution

  1. Hello @ Vladtepes do you know that some of the video’s here suddenly starting to play it’s very disturbing.

    Could somebody fix this problem thanks in advance 🙂

    Greeting from Europa/Belgium

    • Thank you for this.

      The problem is certain sites offer embed codes for their videos which for some browsers, auto play. It used to have an obvious switch in the code that could be turned of. Like Autoplay=yes or Autoplay=1 and you could switch to yes or 0. THe thing is I could grab the vid and put it somewhere and embed so that doesn’t happen, but I do not like tampering with people’s IP when possible at all. Chances are its the FOX embed of Tucker that autoplays. By now, there may be a YT version I can replace it with, but at the time I did that post, if thats the problem video, there was no Youtube one available.

      I do understand how irritating it is, I can’t stand it either when videos autoplay.

      At the moment for me, it isn’t doing that. Maybe its Safari or something.

      Another solution may be to try Brave Browser which might have a no-autoplay feature and you have to give sites permission to autoplay media which you can deny.

      I use Brave for most of my web usage.

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