Insurgency events and their government allies: Links 1, for June 3rd, 2020

1. Far-Left Antifa Anarchists Take Credit for Setting French MP’s Car on Fire

The far-left anarchist group “Attaque” has taken credit for an attack on the vehicle of an MP belonging to French President Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche! (LREM/Republic on the Move).

The arson attack took place outside the home of French MP Eric Alauzet in the city of Besançon and saw his car set on fire, with the blaze spreading to other vehicles parked next to it belonging to his neighbours.

2. Far-Left Antifa Arrested for Plotting Armed Attack on French Police

French police arrested two far-left Antifa extremists who were armed with firearms and plotting an attack on police officers.


The two individuals were arrested simultaneously in the commune of Corbas and the municipality of Bourg-en-Bresse, located north-east of the city of Lyon.


The elite French police tactical unit Research, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence (RAID) undertook the operations that led to the arrests after investigators had learnt the pair had acquired firearms to carry out an attack, LyonMag reported on Thursday. The leftists are said to have prior criminal records and to be aged around 50.

3. Ottawa police detective suspended over ‘racist’ meme

(This is an important one. It shows how Neo-Marxism now has more impact than actual rule of law. If you point out that a person did criminal acts, and that person is not a white male, you are in potentially more trouble than the criminal, even though you do not mention or tie race into the accusation.)

A detective with the Ottawa Police Service’s drug unit has been suspended in connection to an internal investigation into a meme denounced by the chief as “racist” and “disgusting.” 


Const. James Ramsay, 39, was suspended with pay Thursday afternoon following a two-week investigation launched by Chief Peter Sloly into the origin of a photo collage depicting 13 officers, most of whom are men of colour, with the words: “Ottawa Police Service — We’re always hiring…anyone.” […]


Three of the officers who appear in the meme were recently charged by the RCMP in an alleged tow truck kickback scheme.


Others are facing criminal charges including assault, or have been convicted of offences including impaired driving and unlawful entry. Some of the officers are facing charges under the Police Services Act.


A second version of the meme included an image of Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal, currently suspended with pay after two women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment.

4. ANOTHER French Navy ship escorts dinghy into British waters as 100 more migrants land in UK today in eight boats taking 2020 total to 1,830

(The UK should have no problems finding enough brick throwers and cop killers for their next round of communist/Islamic insurgencies thanks to their open beaches policy)

A French naval vessel escorted around 100 migrants into British waters unchallenged this morning as the total to have reached the UK this year edges closer to the total seen throughout the whole of 2019. 


The group of young men landed at Samphire Hoe beach near Dover, Kent this morning.  


The dawn operation saw several small boats nearly 12 miles off the coast of Dover on the French-British sea border shortly before 7.30am.


It means the crossings today could take the number of migrants to have reached Britain already this year to 1,830. […]

There were 741 arrivals in May, a record for a single month.

Some 1,359 migrants have completed the journey since lockdown began in March.

(When Winston Churchill was first made exchequer of the British Admiralty, his first act was to sink the entire French Navy. At that time it was because no one could know what side France would be on, or at the least that the Nazis would have and use French naval assets. …)

5. Rioters in Virginia set fire to home with child inside, block firefighters

Protesters in Richmond, Virginia “intentionally” set fire to a home with a child inside and then impeded firefighters from responding to the scene, according to Richmond Police Chief Will Smith.


The child survived, and all those within the building were able to evacuate the house safely. However, Smith was visibly shaken, holding back tears as he described the scene at a press conference on Sunday.

6. Leftie Governor Cooper Kills RNC Convention in Charlotte Due to COVID-19 — Then Goes and Marches with Leftist Mob in Street (VIDEO)

(And now the Covid lockdows start to make sense. The bigger the crisis, the bigger the opportunity)


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., PePi, EB., and all who contributed to these efforts this week.

This is the clip I tried to post last night but Twitter made it hard to find after it mysteriously would not embed.

This is likely because the full version after the pause, he was cautiously critical of Trump and the US.

But this is the one which went missing last night:

The question itself was repugnant though. A CBC reporter tried to force Trudeau to say critical things about President Trump with a loaded question.

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  1. The Trudeau “pause” could be called pregnant only if something was delivered. This video needs sound effects like crickets, or wind blowing through a vast, open, vacant space to fully illustrate the monstrous stupidity of this impudent sack of human waste.

        • He truly is … special. Sad thing is, over half the Canadian population likes him – which says something rather bleak and discouraging about the majority of Canadians. I’ve asked a few progressive/socialists (average canadians, in other words) what’s so awful about President Trump and so good about JT; I received a lot of empty phrases (Trump’s a racist/sexist) while Trudy’s “good” for Canada (though they couldn’t cite anything that his government had done that was good for the nation (except maybe the borrowed cash tossed out over the Wuhan virus thing – debt that will cripple generations to come economically).

          Anyway, end of rant. I’m just so discouraged by this country now (but it wasn’t always like this. Sigh….)

  2. When he first put his hat in the race, most Liberals did not think he was ready. He wasn’t, he still isn’t and never will be. His last name got him elected and he has been an absolute nightmare.

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