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8 Replies to ““The BLM movement is compromised, probably always was” Former organizer of Ferguson riots”

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    “Behind the Big News: The John Birch society video Behind the Big News shows that the mainstream media distort the news because they are controlled by a powerful elite seeking global dominion. (Video Review).”
    The New American by Jane Ingraham – February 10, 2003

    “Behind the Big News Propaganda and the CFR – Mainstream Media Controls Perception, Reality” 2003
    Rodney King @ 42:25… Battle for Seattle @ 49:39…

    • This man does know what is happening, he is seeing the global chaos that is the most probable result of what is happening.

      We need to arm up, pack a bug out bag and map our escape routes in case we need to E&E. Remember to have more then one headed in different directions in case your first pick is blocked.

      • My Russki’s son in Kiev called us when he saw what was happening Sunday in Boston. Worried, he said it looked like Euromaidan, 2013.
        Color Revolution, USA.
        Not on PDJT’s watch.

  2. The CLIMATE CHANGE HOAXERS are linking Floyd’s death to Climate Change.

    * * *
    She said the challenge is to confront racism and climate change not as separate problems, but as related crisis that must be dealt with as a whole to save the planet and each other.

    – Cornish said Interfaith Power and Light is composed of people from a wide spectrum of religious beliefs, including evangelicals, Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims.

    “We come together because we feel stronger in numbers and in voice if we set aside some of the ways in which we differ and find ways in which we agree because we all know that our earth is in peril,” she said.

    She added the faith community sees climate change as a moral and ethical issue based in their commitment to good stewardship of the earth and its people.

    Cornish noted that Interfaith Power and Light began by looking at ways congregations could use energy efficiency and renewable energy to cut their carbon footprints. But the mission has expanded to include advocacy that goes beyond the faith community.

    “We help people track the issues at the state and federal level that will help transition us in a just way to a new energy future,” she said. –


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