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  1. Where were these “measures” during the 2017/18 flu wave that killed over 25,000 people in Germany alone?
    In the US, there were nearly 80,000 deaths.
    Here in South Africa nearly 10,000 Death.
    One of my oldest friends was one of the victims at that time and no rooster, except for the family and friends, then crowed afterwards.
    But put a virus in a chinese “designer jacket” and the world goes crazy.
    I don’t remember when a virus ever got such PR hype in my life?
    I was still too small and I can’t remember it, but was the economy paralyzed and people locked up in their homes during the 1968/69 flu wave, which had killed over a million people worldwide?
    My Mother cannot remember any such measures in 1968/69 taken place, nor can my Father.

  2. The chaos has started, it will spread fairly quickly in Europe, I don’t think it will hit the US as fast as Tim Poole does but it is coming to North America. This is where the armed citizen is vital, the ordinary people need the ability to defend themselves.

  3. Italy: Russian coronavirus team disinfects care homes in Lombardy

    Russian military specialists and their Italian colleagues disinfected retirement homes in the town of Leffe in the Lombardy region on Sunday as part of the fight against the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

    According to the Russian Defence Ministry, three nursing homes in the town, altogether more than 12,000 square metres, were completely disinfected.

    Russian military epidemiologist Victor Kolesnikov mentioned said it was important to regularly disinfect the facilities.

    “The first essential thing is to control the flow of medical personnel, so that clean streams do not intersect with dirty ones. Exit from the medical facility must be carried out through a sanitary pass,” he said.

    Italian doctor Viola Bonfati thanked the Russian team and expressed her hope that the cooperation “can go on in the future for a medical reason.”

    Italy has had over 97,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the start of the outbreak, out of which over 10,000 people died.

  4. Italy: Russian military disinfect Albino retirement home

    Russian military specialists and their Italian colleagues disinfected healthcare centres in the Lombardy region as part of the fight against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

    The footage released on Sunday shows the Russian specialists disinfecting the Huneiger retirement home in Albino, where they spray the entire room, including walls and furniture, with disinfectant.

    “The disinfection is done with the help of a portable disinfectant module using aerosol techniques which have more processing power”, the captain of special treatment troop Denis Sazonov noted.

    According to Russian Ministry of Defence, the 4,000-square-meter facility and driveway were disinfected.

    As of Sunday, Italy has nearly 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and over 10,000 deaths.

  5. Italy’s war on COVID-19 | Army installs checkpoints in Bergamo

    The Italian army set up a checkpoint on the Borgo Palazzo street in Bergamo, on Sunday, to help the local police enforce the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

  6. Coronavirus: Poland sends doctors to help Italy

    Polish doctors to help Italy face Covid-19 emergency.

    Poland is sending a team of 15 doctors to Italy on the afternoon of 30 March to help in the country’s battle against Coronavirus.

    Comprising three emergency teams, the doctors are specialists in intensive care and resuscitation, and will be working at hospitals in Brescia, one of the Italian cities worst hit by the Covid-19 crisis.

    The medics will arrive at Bergamo airport on a humanitarian military flight sent by the Polish defence ministry, and the mission is financed fully by the Polish Military Medical Institute, according to the Giornale di Brescia.

    “Poland remains at the side of Italy also in this battle, as it has always been in history” – said a note from the Polish embassy in Rome, as reported by Adnkronos.

    “Many Polish doctors and nurses are already working side by side with their Italian colleagues in healthcare facilities throughout Italy, sharing their risks and sometimes paying the highest price. By sending its doctors, Poland wants to give further concrete support to the Italian health personnel, exhausted by the gigantic amount of work they have to face every day.”

    “The spirit of enormous sacrifice with which Italian doctors and paramedics are facing the crisis situation deserves the utmost respect and is an example for all of Europe. We must stick together. United we will get through this.”


  7. Albania Flies 30 Doctors to Italy to Help With Coronavirus Crisis

    TIRANA — Albania, one of the poorest countries in Europe, flew a team of doctors and nurses to neighboring Italy on Saturday to help it deal with the coronavirus pandemic as its own cases have yet to strain the health sector.

    Prime Minister Edi Rama’s government assigned 11 million leke ($95,000) to pay the team of 30 medical staff, who volunteered, to work for a month in the area of Bergamo, the official gazette said.

    The Italian Embassy in Tirana confirmed the plane had left in mid-afternoon carrying the medical team, adding in a Twitter message; “Thanks to the Albanian government for this act of solidarity and affection! #forever united”.

    Albania has 197 cases of the illness, with 10 deaths. Italy has more than 86,000 cases, and its death toll of more than 9,000 is the highest in the world. Bergamo is the worst hit area.

    Italy has helped Albania since it faced a number of crisis after toppling communism in the late 1980s, including risk of famine in the early 1990s and anarchy in 1997. Tirana sees the medical aid as a chance to repay the favors, however small its contribution.

    Some 400,000 Albanians live and work in Italy, sending money home to their families as well as investing savings and expertise gained there to build businesses back home.

    Albania has seen the strain on Italy’s more advanced health system as a stark warning, and has imposed increasingly strict restrictions on social contact on its citizens.


  8. Raids and thefts grip southern Italy

    As the spread of coronavirus appears to slow in the north of Italy, there’s been a rise in thievery and antisocial behaviour in the south.

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