Global demagnetization crisis, and there is a higher chance of violent revolution in your lifetime than of a major flood at your house: Links 1, December 14, 2019

1. How long till St. Greta, or an equivalent along with a special new UN committee start blaming Western democracies for this phenomenon?

Earlier this year, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Geological Survey (BGS) were forced to update the World Magnetic Model a year ahead of schedule due to the speed with which the magnetic north pole is shifting out of the Canadian Arctic and toward Russia’s Siberia.


The BGS and the US National Centers for Environmental Information has released a new update to the World Magnetic Model this week, confirming that the magnetic north pole, whose coordinates are crucial for the navigation systems used by governments, militaries and a slew of civilian applications, is continuing its push toward Siberia.


“The WMM2020 forecasts that the northern magnetic pole will continue drifting toward Russia, although at a slowly decreasing speed –down to about 40 km per year compared to the average speed of 55 km over the past twenty years,” the US agency said in a press statement.

2. The OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the second largest intergovernmental body in the world, and hell bent on a mission to make the whole world a mosque, has this take on rising political violence in the world.

3. The media’s imposed pseudo-reality when it comes to terrorism

4. SCOTUS scuttles impeachment?

5. Interesting tweet and photo on Corbyn

6. Rebel Media: The Peppers are not crazy. There is a 37% chance of violent revolution within one’s natural lifetime.

7. Switzerland: Blind woman on train robbed and sexually assaulted by North Africans

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, and all who sent in important materials so far this weekend.

I haven’t mentioned this for a while, but really, people who read these posts would be well served to go to the Reader’s Links posts that are published every day at a minute after midnight and check out the comments. There is a lot there which we haven’t had time to post. As its Saturday, a collection of videos from the weekly French Yellow Vest Protests for example. But a lot more as well.

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7 Replies to “Global demagnetization crisis, and there is a higher chance of violent revolution in your lifetime than of a major flood at your house: Links 1, December 14, 2019”

  1. Here is the essay Ezra is talking about.

    The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper, “Who Needs an AR-15 Anyway?”

    As gun policy discussions unfold in the wake of mass shooter incidents, they routinely end in three buckets. There’s the “tyranny can never happen here” bucket, which the left has mostly abdicated in the wake of Trump winning after they called (and still call) him a tyrant. There’s the “you can’t fight the army with small arms” bucket, which is increasingly unsound given our ongoing decade-and-a-half war with Afghani tribal goat herders. And there’s the “what the hell do you need an AR-15 for anyway?” bucket, which, by its very language, eschews a fundamental lack of understanding of what those people are thinking. I am not a prepper. But I know a few. Some of the ones I do know are smart. They may not be doing as deep an analysis as I present here, on a mathematical level, but the smart ones are definitely doing it at a subconscious level. If you want to understand the perspectives of others, as everyone in my opinion should strive to do, then you would do well to read to the end of this article. To get where we’re going, we will need to discuss the general framework of disaster mathematics.
    Stormwater Hydrology and the Mathematics of Unlikely Events

    I’m not a writer by trade. I’m a stormwater hydrologist, and in my opinion, a pretty good one. Hydrology is the science of tracking water as it moves through the water cycle, from ocean evaporation through cloud formation, precipitation, groundwater infiltration, runoff, evapotranspiration, riverine hydraulics, and the time series behavior of reservoirs. It is a deep and fascinating field, but one of its most relevant applications to our lives is delineating floodplain boundaries.

    To determine a floodplain boundary, we first identify a “storm event” that concerns us. We use historical rainfall data and some statistical magic to calculate the worst storm event a place is likely to experience in a 100-year time span, probabilistically speaking, and we call that the “100-year storm.” There’s a push in the field to quit calling it that, because it confuses the muggles, so now we often say something like “the storm which has a 1% chance of happening in any given year.” Then we take that rainfall data, judiciously apply more math, and turn it into a flow rate in a river. Then we do hydraulics (more math) to determine how deep the river will have to be to carry that much water, and we draw a line on a map.

    click the link above to read the rest.

  2. Wait a moment, I remember that we learned at School in the early 80’s, that the Magnetic Shift of the Poles has been OVERDUE for quite some time.
    Unfortunately I cannot remember for how Long it’s overdue.

  3. Once again, mathematics shows us a most unexpected clarity. After much failure and frustration, in another example, it was the branch of math dealing in fault tree analysis that was able to figure out that the Challenger space shuttle blew up because of faulty O-rings.

    So how is it that otherwise intelligent, lucid people refuse to believe that they cannot be touched by political flood? Especially those from formerly communist countries whose lives have been drastically altered and governed by it?

    Last night I attended a lovely evening with lively discussion with people I’d never met, and who presented as staunchly conservative. It was refreshing to not have to check my Trump support at the door. Talk skipped from the Ukraine to education, economics and Dystopian politics. There was healthy dissent within broader agreements, of course, but I did take my leave of the group perplexed by one issue: the hundred-year political flood.

    Never, ever, said the woman from the former Soviet satellite, will the United States or England ever succumb to political upheaval. Her native Dystopian husband would nod, taking her tag and jumping into the ring, telling the group how solid the whole of the U.K. was. He recounted to us about his experience living there, and how the stiff British upper lip prevails to this day. When he needed a breather his wife jumped back into the ring, expanding on the brilliance and infinite resourcefulness of the British people. I agreed wholeheartedly. Their military has a laser-like focus to kill the Queen’s enemies, he said. I don’t doubt it, I thought, but such blind faith I found unnerving coming from conservatives. Faith in God, guns and gold, I get, but in political systems and players? Hmm.

    The United States will be fine. Britain will be fine. They are unbeatable behemoths of strength and freedom. Such was the rectilinear refrain. The science was closed. Get outta town. Fuggedaboudit.

    Someone had not eaten their whole red pill, thought I. What about the on-line cops knocking at Brit’s doors? What about London falling to the likes of Khan?

    “What about Tommy Robinson?” I asked.

    The husband simply shrugged and shook his head. He stood and moved to the snacks table in an unconscious dismissive to my question. “I don’t know who he is so I have no opinion.”

    “You don’t know about the gangs? The thousands of girls?” Nope, nope. How was this possible, I wondered? There really is a disconnect, somewhere. Am I out of touch with reality? Is it my view of Britain that is distorted, or this man’s? After all, he has lived there and I haven’t. But I’ve seen the thousands marching in support of Tommy. This isn’t my imagination.

    With this he largely shut down this line of the discussion. Another person in the group tried to revive it by explaining the Left’s use of Islam to do much of its civilizational demolition, but the energy waned. I said something about the danger of blind faith which disappeared in the air like a soap bubble. He tried the same on the subject of gold and its place in the world, saying you can’t eat gold when it comes to survival. On this I faltered by merely pointing out that you can’t eat dollars, either, without continuing on to explain that gold’s greatest significance is in the financial systemic realm, not the private survivalist’s. Sure, trade your chickens for firewood, or whatever. But central banks don’t trade chickens to settle trade imbalances, or to extinguish debt in finality by using the most historically liquid asset devoid of counterparty risk.

    So there I had it. Some red pills are only nibbled, and not swallowed whole. Some are pink. Some conservatives remain unaware of the RedGreen axis.

    Perhaps the blind faith that hundred-year floods cannot happen, even when statistically proven to be quite possible, are actually enhanced in their probability of occuring when considered in man-made systems.

    • I know what you mean, when talking to vets almost all agree that we are on the ragged edge of a civil war, but a large number of the other people I talk to say it will never happen. After all no one wants a civil war that will kill millions and poison society for many decades. They live in the liberal fantasy world where the Democrats believe in freedom and democracy.

      Reality is about to reach out and slap people in the face but until this happens they are happy to look through rose colored glasses and ignore reality.

        • I try to gauge it against what I estimate reality is, as what others think tends to be pretty far away from it.

          Times being what they are.

          But man thats hard. And rarely if ever fun.

    • Something about those who just can’t stretch to Tommy Robinson. He’s the untouchable, our touchstone to a reality they refuse to acknowledge.
      • Focused pragmatist, Nigel Farage. No Tommy, not even with a 10- foot pole.
      • Leftist intellectual, Melanie Phillips, woke up after she was mugged by Jew-hate. No Tommy, no way.

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