Winnipeg Fire Truck thief and terror-driver name released

The Winnipeg Free Press gives a half of the story. 

They give the guys name without mentioning that it appears, at least so far, to be a Muslim name in origin from West Africa

And they mention that he was charged for possession of a weapon but they do not say what kind.

It seems to me that trying to run people over with a fire truck and having a weapon on you, speaks to jihadi intentions. Especially as its on the same day as TWO other jihad attacks. And when the OIC is demanding anti-blasphemy laws and using the Norwegian Koran-B-que as an excuse for it.

Thanks to @AmyMek for finding this information.

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5 Replies to “Winnipeg Fire Truck thief and terror-driver name released”

  1. I was just reading about the idiot who killed two people with a knife in London, stopped by a guy with a fire extinguisher and another guy with a freaking narwhal tusk. And I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of mindset a person would need to have in order to look at this stuff and STILL think it’s okay. It’s fine. Diversity is our strength. Black lives matter. We’re all immigrants. And so on. How far up one’s own bum does their head need to be? At what point do westerners collectively say “ENOUGH” and force all this idiotic globalist destruction out of our countries?
    It’s insane. You don’t have to love Donald Trump or Nigel Farage or Viktor Orban or anybody else to understand that this is madness. The globalists are intentionally inviting the destruction of the west.

  2. Yesterday while I was in a store I overheard two people talking about this London Bridge jihadi. They danced around the word “Islam” like moths around a flame. “…mental illness…they’re not sure why…”

    It’s as if the second they got on the topic, they wanted off.

    Polite society finds truth vulgar. Whatever the specific components of political correctness are, this is one of them.

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