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One Reply to “Important and indicative speech by AG Barr at the Federalist Society”

  1. Lawyers like Mr. Barr give lawyers a good name.

    He places the whole leftist agenda exactly where it belongs: juxtaposed with the crystaline logic of the founding fathers. In this contrast that agenda is properly exposed as something akin to low-life conmen trying to hijack the most noble human project of humanity, itself. I am always amazed by the genius of this invention. The incredible resilience of its checks-and-balances architecture, and the depth of the nuances bestowed those balances is truly a thing of beauty, as Barr explains. A perfect irony to all of the innovations in science and art that the United States has given humanity is that she invented herself, first. This is like a human being inventing a thinking computer that strives, in its highest ambition, to create a human being. And so it is we may be living in an age when America must reinvent herself. Or, maybe as it is more eloquently impressed by AG Barr, the time is nigh that she asserts again the right stuff of her framers.

    In Obama the U.S. had a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and now she struggles. This AG seems wise enough to the rest of the wolves to give them a good run for their money.

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