Persians rebel against the Islamic Republic

MASS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN IRAN – 67 Demonstrators Killed – Regime Fires on Protesters From the Air 

(Many Twitter videos at link above)

1. Police shooting Protestors

2. Woman stands on bridge over stopped traffic and gives anti-regime rant to applause

3. Clashes Between Protesters & Regime’ Security Forces In Shiraz

4. 16 MILLION people in protests in Iran, some deaths on the regime side


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5 Replies to “Persians rebel against the Islamic Republic”

  1. PROTESTS are all over the country. I really do think this will work. I’ve noticed they seem to be copying on Hong Kong protest strategies. The decisive moment will come when the IRGC officers start turning on their own.

    This IRGC intercepted communication.

    Heshmat Alavi@HeshmatAlavi – 4h
    #Iran #UPDATE
    Shiraz-IRGC officer shoots & kills two senior commanders ordering IRGC units to open fire on protesters
    Golestan-Snipers in helicopters open fire on protesters
    Soltanabad-Police station & police chief vehicle torched by protesters

  2. I sure hope this comes out well. The Iranian people are generally very decent folk who do not deserve an extremist Islamic Gov’t. Things were much better under the Shah, who was also an elitist asshole. But Islam is Islam. Every country it controls is a train wreck.

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