Trudeau admires, and imitates “basic Chinese dictatorship”

And now we have this:

Trudeau Government Election Law Crushes Free Speech, Mimics Legislation In Authoritarian States

How bad and dangerous is the Trudeau government’s election law?

Even CBC is ripping into it.

Yes, I was surprised to see that even CBC has been raising concerns about the law, with a report by Evan Dyer even making the comparison between the law to what we see in authoritarian states.

The law is the amended Section 91 of the Elections Act, and here’s what it says:


“Elections Act, 91 (1) No person or entity shall, with the intention of affecting the results of an election, make or publish, during the election period, (a) a false statement that a candidate, a prospective candidate, the leader of a political party or a public figure associated with a political party has committed an offence under an Act of Parliament or a regulation made under such an Act—or under an Act of the legislature of a province or a regulation made under such an Act—or has been charged with or is under investigation for such an offence; or (b) a false statement about the citizenship, place of birth, education, professional qualifications or membership in a group or association of a candidate, a prospective candidate, the leader of a political party or a public figure associated with a political party.”

And the penalty for violating the law?

Up to 5 YEARS IN JAIL, and/or a fine of $50,000.

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14 Replies to “Trudeau admires, and imitates “basic Chinese dictatorship””

  1. Imagine: this guy represents a huge country like Canada! It can only be a real satire.

    He might “represent” a boarding school or a kindergarten. But Canada?

    Did he at least word the matching socks that mummy pursues for him in the morning?

      • His big manga eyes make his female fans freeze into a protective instinct. They would like to put him in the basket with the other puppies.

        • When you think of Canada, you have weathered polar explorers in mind.

          Has “Justin” ever set foot alone in front of the door without escaping back into the lap of his substitute mum?

          “The world is evil and hostile, mummy!” “I know, my child, I am always with you!”

          • “Justin” can only fall asleep under a woman’s skirt with his thumb in his mouth.

            Some “partners” have refused to change his diapers or tie a pink bib around his neck. Not to mention comforting him on his beloved rocking horse or at the Playstation.

            He demands the same lullaby every night. A challenge, even for a purchasable nanny.

            His great luck that the public can only guess his “affections”! He lets the women’s insistent silence cost him much hard-earned Canadian tax money!

  2. Recently the nanny’s sister could no longer hold on to herself out of pity, it slipped out of her at one of those silly “balloon parties”: “Let’s face it, that’s no man!”

    “I never want to hear anything like that again! Justin is the president of Canada, and I am his wife!” After that the silence was sealed.

    • The encounter with “Greta” left a particularly deep impression on him, he knew immediately: “It is love at first, second or third sight!”

      Since then his confidants are full of fear, because with Greta for the first time an equal adversary has made her demands on him.

      • Who is surprised at Justin’s enthusiasm for China? His entire toy collection (including his Lego bricks) comes from there, which his birdbrain had already noticed when he couldn’t even read yet.

  3. I’m trying to find the legislation text: They’re always throwing multiple revisions of the same bill. It seems to be in bill C-76.

    “(a)?knowingly make a false or misleading statement, orally or in writing, relating to their qualification as an elector ”

    Is it illegal to suggest, say, Trudeau is fit for office? Keep an eye on the proliferation of all these many regulations. They are greedy, amassing all kinds of resources. If one committee or court doesn’t take up one complaint, another bureaucracy and regulation can be used to shut you up.

    Elections act

    • Not only is it totalitarian and evil, it’s also terrible for the economy. Regulation writing and revising is make-work, wasted resources. Third-world, bloated states aren’t productive. And wherever bureaucracies thicken, so does corruption.

      Maybe Greece, but Canada’s too far north for this nonsense!

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