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20 Replies to “Crosses in French Cemetery vandalized. People careful not to say by who or why”

  1. Notre Dame, which stood the test of time, burned down after 856 years in one night. A shame.

    They saw at the branch on which they sit. But “after the fire” follows their free fall into nirvana.

    • I don’t really have a lot of rules on this forum, but I generally do not like posters attacking other posters personally. Argue, sure. Discuss, ideally. But keep it on the level of ideas please and not personalities.

        • It’s no coincidence that at the moment also respectable citizens of Dresden are bullied and trollled by psychopaths.

          The loony bin has permission to go out 24/7 and the monkeys now rule the zoo.

      • I personally studied “clinical psychology” 30 years ago (a scan of the certificate can be requested from me) and in fact take my daily “meds”: vitamins and cholesterol-lowering pills!

        So no illiterate in the world needs to “teach” me about his own mental illness and the “meds” he himself definetively needs on a daily basis…

        But our idiotic attackers don’t have to know that; they should continue to believe that the rest of the world is – at least! – as stupid as themselves. 😉

        • Everybody should finally realize: Only pigs love to “wallow in the dirt” and throw dirt at others! (In their fervent “hope” that at least some of it may “get stuck” on the thrown-on!)

          It’s – so to speak – their very own “element”! A part of growing to an adult personality includes: You let rubbish (kind of “negative attention-seeking”) flow by!

    • Well … “buddy”: Not all people are among those who need this, like you! Simply hold back from unwanted “advice” and classical projections if you lack logical arguments!

      We’re still not here on your “familiar” secure ward. If your reality consciousness is completely missing to notice this and you absolutely need attention and “hearing”, inform (as usual) your conservator.

      Your disgraceful “commentary” consists of a massive inability to purposefully transform just one single thought into something like a plausible persuasion.

      • For information: this was just the worn down reaction to the self-proclaimed “crusader” and energy robber “Harry Slot”, who apparently got lost again in his one-man-roleplay-game.

        (Unfortunately, psychiatries have not been what they used to be for a long time…)

          • An overprotective mother prevents the reality competence of cheeky children who never experience an appropriate echo (mirror).

          • For my sake, you can delete all the comments the day after tomorrow. I understand your concern, but the lion in me should not be challenged.

            I think you’re very cautious about certain matters (yet it didn’t save you to be banned from Youtube). Your interviews are very dedicated and interested.

          • Matthias Beltz died of a heart attack in the night of 26 to 27 March 2002 and was found dead by his wife in their shared apartment. The following entry can be found on the homepage of the Frankfurt cabaret artist, who was born on 31.1. 1945 and never saw his producer, who was missing in Russia:

            “There is a child’s human right to experience something of the cold and brutality of reality, of the real awfulness of the world. For this experience of unbending severity there once was the father and thus the chance to better prepare oneself for the acid test of life”.


  2. The Islamic invaders are once again trying to prove their superiority, what they are really proving is that they haven’t changed since the 7th Century and it is unlikely that their religion will allow them to every change from the 7th Century.

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