Outstanding Swedish woman speaks truth out loud

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The thing is, Sweden is a communist country, and in true communist ideology, they do not admit that it is a communist country because they think the problem lies not in communism, but in how people think of the word communism. So as long as people don’t know its communist, no one can fight back is likely their thinking.

But this woman who bravely said that 2+2=4 on video, a video that will likely get a lot of views, is probably going to find out what speaking truth out loud in a communist country really means. I hope she reaches out to Bilyana. Maybe with a few of them they can protect each other more than as individuals.


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  1. “Rape our women assault our pensioners”
    Defend the Nation from Offensioners
    Welfare fed their soul-replace
    Rights of Pride
    Another race.

    The Swedish Caliphate. (Who would have thought Swedish Porn would lead to this?).

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