In 5 items, Canada has two Muslim attacks: Links post 1, October 31, 2019

1. A few days ago, Mark Levin had a guest on who I believe is General Flynn’s new attorney. It was an astonishing interview with revelation after revelation about judicial misconduct and illegal machinations to try and frame someone, anyone within the Trump administration. While that clip is still being looked for, here is Sebastian Gorka interviewing the same woman. This is an important development. One of the main features is that it is now proven that the prosecution deliberately hid information that would have cleared the general (exculpatory evidence) from the defence in discovery.

People must go to jail over this and for a long long time.

2. Gaetz on Hannity: Trump is innocent

3. Grenoble near lyon: an Ackbarist with 2 knives gets himself flashballed

4. Canada: Muslim migrant who ran over and stabbed police officer found guilty of attempted murder, not terrorism

Somali migrant Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, “who ran down a Canadian police officer with a truck and then stabbed him repeatedly was found guilty,” but of attempted murder, not terrorism, despite an Islamic State flag being discovered in his truck. This is not surprising in Canada. Under the former Liberal so-called safety minister Ralph Goodale (who lost his seat in the recent Federal Election), Canada removed all references to “Islamist extremism” from law enforcement material, thereby removing necessary tracking systems to identify jihadists, who are motivated entirely by their religious zeal. According to a Global News report discussing Canada’s scrapping of references to “Islamist extremism”:

The so-called Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their regional affiliates use terrorism to promote their versions of Sunni Islamist extremist ideology, while Hezbollah is a Shia extremist group. But Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told reporters Thursday he wanted the terrorist threat report to use language that “did not impugn or condemn an entire religion.”

(Ralph Goodale has been caught a few times sacrificing health, safety and truth of Canadian citizens for a little sanctimony and political correctness. It is truly Soviet. Global News also tells barefaced lies quite often in the interests of left wing propaganda)

5. Toronto: Man arrested in Jewish structure vandalism in Georgina

A man has been arrested in the vandalism of a Jewish structure in Georgina over the weekend.


York Regional Police say they received a report on Saturday around 9 p.m. that a sukkah in the area of Richmond Park Dr. and The Queensway S. had been vandalized. The temporary hut was constructed for the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot on land owned by the Chabad Jewish Centre. A sign was also vandalized.


According to the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC), the Chabad Jewish Centre’s rabbi said someone tried to enter his home last weekend and confessed to repeated trespassing as well as vandalism of the sukkah. Rabbi Yossi Vorovitch also said the same individual had posted a photo of Hitler and of a man wielding a sword on the Jewish centre’s Google page. […]


Saeed Ahmad was arrested Tuesday and is charged with mischief in relation to religious property. The 35-year-old Georgina man was held in custody and was to appear in Newmarket court on Wednesday for a bail hearing.

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  1. Things are going to get very interesting in the US, the faster they can take down the high ranking Dems who are behind the coup the faster the fear of the law will spread to the local police forces in the US who have been following the lead of the DOJ and violating peoples rights.

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