Tommy Robinson defends himself against dishonest editing designed to destroy him. Again.

(Repost as the new version of the video was done some time after the original post of the Youtube video)

(Notice how much this video is restricted. Unbelievable. There are hundreds of not thousands of actual Nazis and muslim antsemites that preach genocide of the Jews and celebrate Hitler who’s videos are easily watchable. The conditions of this video is an indictment of Youtube, not Tommy Robinson. Whatever else he may be, he is not an antisemite, and is very pro-Israel which has cost him a lot of grief. He has had to dump some of his own best assets because of their anti-semitism.)

Youtube has made this video impossible to play here, or click through to find, or watch it at all unless somehow you have a direct link to it, which you cannot even get from this embed.

So I made it available here.

Direct link.



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4 Replies to “Tommy Robinson defends himself against dishonest editing designed to destroy him. Again.”

  1. Tommy is good at destroying the leftists with the truth, the only problem is that when cornered and on defense the left resorts to violence instead of reason. I pray that he lives to see his goal of restoring freedom to become reality.

  2. I remember thinking when I was very young that it was wrong to blame young Germans for the evils of the Nazis and that they should be left in peace now that the war is over. That’s all Tommy meant. He isn’t a Nazi, for Christ’s sake…

    • The left used and uses inherited guilt to attack everyone that doesn’t agree with them. They will never stop using this tactic because there are always fools who will buy into it.

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