Breitbart: Far-Left Group Targets French Newspaper For Publishing Right-Wing Philosopher

Here is an except from the Breitbart article:

The far-left French activist group SOS Racisme has begun targetting advertisers of French newspaper Le Figaro after one of its writers, philosopher Eric Zemmour, made a controversial speech on Islam and immigration.

The group began targetting the newspaper advertisers on social media last week, posting several pictures of the magazine Madame Figaro, a women’s magazine published by the paper and a supplement to the paper’s Saturday editions.


The tweets, which targetted iconic French fashion brand Chanel, the owners of Louis Vuitton LVMH, and luxury Swiss watchmaker Rolex, stated, “thanks to your adverts, you are financing the Le Figaro group who is employing Eric Zemmour, a journalist condemned for incitement to racial and religious hatred and who now calls for racist violence. How about it? Do your clients know that?”


The speech, which has been fully translated into English by U.S. blog The American Conservative, is a lengthy polemic on mass migration and Islamisation. In it, Zemmour calls the present migratory flows to Europe a reverse colonisation and said the process was a “double jeopardy”, because in his opinion the difficulties of mass migration are compounded by a resurgent Islam.

There is much more at But below, are the two segments we translated already. We may do more.

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