Matteo Salvini speaks to crowd about new government immigration results

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      • That was what I was going to say.

        Way too many people on our side are too willing to declare defeat when there is the slightest set back. They need to read more history, George Washington was the Supreme Commander of the US forces in the Revolutionary War, when he was in personal command of the fighting he lost just about every battle he fought. People were ready to give up but many hung in and continued to fight, in the end he didn’t win many battles but he won the war.

        During the Cold War the US and the forces of freedom didn’t win many of the battles but we won the war.

        Like everyone else I have days when I am depressed (usually when either my back is hurting or I have a bad headache) but no matter how deperssed I become I take comfort in knowing that as long as we fight we can’t lose. The only way we can lose is by allowing the enemy to destroy our will to resist. Wars are won by destroying the enemies will to resist, you do this by many methods that include kinetic strikes but they also include propaganda attacks and by using the new cyber weapons to attack. When you decide to stop resisting or are willing to throw away one of our leaders who have had a setback you are giving a cheap victory to the enemy. As long as the defeat was not caused by either economic or moral corruption the politician/leader can return to once again lead us.

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