President Trump speaks at the United Nations: “The future is for patriots. Not globalism”

So far, only 10 minutes in, and it is already a magnificent and courageous speech given by someone who clearly understands the situation we are faced with today.

Just for the sake of a stark contrast, this is the leader idiots have straddled Canada with for four years and probably another 4 starting next month.

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11 Replies to “President Trump speaks at the United Nations: “The future is for patriots. Not globalism””

  1. Holy Cow, Hoo Boy and Jeebus! Trump sure brought it to the Chinese, Iran and Venezuela.
    It is being said that Trump’s “low key” rhetoric style was somehow out of nature for him. Well, maybe yes but… If you want to deliver a message this devastating better to leave your Mussolini at home.
    Bonus point: Does anyone remember Fidel Castro wearing a side arm at the UN general assembly?
    Trump doesn’t need a side arm to make his point.

    • I totally agree. It was a highly effective delivery. I listened to every word as he quietly laid out the facts and he covered many issues. China now knows he cares about what’s happening in Hong Kong. And he’s fully aware of the Socialist groups operating in the USA.

      When I think of our situation in Canada, it’s heartbreaking what we’re stuck with. Another four years of Liberals even if they don’t win the election because NDP and Greens will vote against meaningless/globalist Scheer.

  2. Bravo, Bravo, A man of courage, a very under rated man of courage. Eeyore, here is where you and I have a parting of the way. I have no idea who you are talking with or listening to, but I do not believe Justine Trudeau will survive this election. Justine is an idiot, a Soros puppet and I have great confidence in the Canadian people. HE WILL BE DEFEATED.

    • Im just trying to prepare myself for the crushing blow of corruption and Canadian stupidity. I really want to be wrong on this one.

      Trudeau let in a lot of people illegally and then illegally, in an ethical sense, made them eligible to vote. That was his plan all along. To, as the German poet said, “dissolve the people and elect a new people”.

      The question is, will this election be the one where we find out which way the election is going? A new people shows its muscle by re electing Trudeau? Or a proper one where the people rid themselves of this tyrannical idiotic buffoon.

      • Defeatism is not useful.
        People who are disgusted by this freak need all-out effort to get out the vote. Bring a friend, offer a ride, visit the hospital, etc.
        Encourage voters not to give up on the ballot box. It’s certainly worth a try.

        • And Yucki, this is where our side falls down…
          I fully intend to help out anyway I can in my Congressional district next fall.
          Can our Canadian friends say the same?
          If you want JT gone MAKE HIM GONE.

  3. I cannot help but think this epic speech is something of a prelude. To precisely what, I don’t know, but given that the air in that hall must utterly reek from the cologne of Redgreen rankness, I can but dream that it is a prelude to the very exit of the United States from this immoral, corrupt organization.

  4. I am still waiting for an October surprise, no party status for the NDP and hopefully the Liberal loons who have done so much damage to our wonderful country. If Max has a great performance in the English and French debates who knows what may happen. People are listening, I feel a shake up coming.

    • Same here. The entire election will be decided by voter turnout. And IMO, Scheer doesn’t have the charisma and energy to shake up his voter base. Bernier does have these qualities and so does Justin. Interesting times ahead.

  5. “Limbaugh – Trump’s speech threatened globalist world order…”
    by Kane – September 24, 2019

    Video: “Rush – Trump is the Greatest Threat to Globalism
    ‘This speech Trump that gave today is the reason they hate this guy – He poses the single greatest threat to the establishment’s world order that there has ever been, and he hit them between the eyes today. He hit everybody.'”
    TrumpSoldier – September 24, 2019 – Twitter

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