The Habermas method and the Ottawa Public Library

A few days ago, we published a video made by a renowned and admired Polish expert on communism and The Frankfurt School, Krzysztof Karo?.

That video is below:

Direct link:

A brief summary of the process of this second generation Frankfurt School tactician goes like this:

Pressure groups force a consensus in public opinion, and that consensus is forged by the group that can apply the most pressure. This will always be communist groups.

The consensus will negate and replace truth.

Secondly, all who think for themselves, use reason, or oppose the consensus, will be guilty of “hate speech”.

In the case of climate science for example, we hear the word, “denier” thrown around in order to equate using actual climate data or science, to oppose the climate consensus (Thank you PePo for this observation) and make it appear to be equivalent to Holocaust denial. Something which most equate with antisemitic hate speech.

Thusly we see that thinking independently on climate and opposing “consensus”, (consensus itself being 100% inconsistent and in opposition to science as a whole) becomes hate speech using the Habermas method.

Now flash back a couple of years to the attempted screening of the important film, Killing Europe by Michael Hansen. At the last minute, pressure groups like ANTIFA, a branch of which is called OAF (Ottawa Against Fascism) and a former Human Rights Commission employee and lawyer, Richard Warman, applied pressure at the last minute to the Ottawa Public Library to have it not show this movie.

This was all reported in the Ottawa Citizen at the time.

Here is a Jihad Watch link to the story for balance.

The people who attempted to show this film, which can be seen in full at the bottom of this post, have taken the library to court in order to force them to live up to their legal obligations to show the film. And a most excellent article has appeared here, with much of the details. 

But there is a larger thing at work here.

The Habermas method as described above for the climate based attack on Western Civilization, is also in full play in this case.

One can see from the Citizen article as well as how the events themselves as they unfolded played out in exactly the prescribed Frankfurt School method.

(This site documented these events at the time in much detail)

At the last minute, a consensus was created by a number of people adept at creating pressure. All who opposed the consensus is guilty of being a racist.

The library cancelled the showing of a perfectly legal film which had been vetted by the library itself and the Ottawa Police, prior to the library accepting the contact to show it.

We see the Habermas alchemy of transforming truth into hate speech with the desired effect.

Any material which goes against the narrative, which is to say, any information which interferes with the Neo-Marxist attack on our laws, culture, people and methods of thought, must be destroyed using the dialectical process developed by Hegel, refined by Marx, and accelerated by various members of the Frankfurt School.

As well as other less well-known communist think tanks like the Fabians and Runnymede.

This process is in use all around us and in every sphere of our lives at this point. It is important to be able to spot it and try and short it out where you do. But understanding this process is key.

For a more in detail look at how this works, please consider dedicating a few minutes a day to reading Stephen Coughlin’s paper on remembering the Left as is is.

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  1. This development that PUBLIC LIBRARIES can censor and direct public conversation is growing. Just recently when citizens in Texas learned that some of those participating in “Drag Story Hour” were actual pedophiles the cure for the library was to stop renting out their PUBLIC accommodation to anyone… So, in order to stop the negative publicity of Drag Story Hour, the library has ceased to allow other civic groups to hold other events in this same space.
    So too bad Tuesday afternoon bridge club or Friday morning Tai Chi, the Drag Queen Story Hour has destroyed it for all of you.
    Keep in mind that a public library is taxpayer funded.
    Funny thing, just last month the local library announcement of upcoming Fall/Winter events landed in my mailbox. I happen to live within walking distance of the library. And BTW, our library has been rated the best library on Long Island for a long time.
    So, while my car was being serviced, I combed through their pamphlet. It turns out that my library has many very positive programs for people of all ages and not a whiff of the deviant indoctrination that Texas, Oregon and Canada seem to be overcome from.
    My library’s budget is over 3 M/yr. Could it possibly be that those interested in the library have no interest in deviant behavior and rather choose to make the library a force for good?
    This goes back quite a few years. When one of my sons was looking for his Life Scout project it turned out that the library was going to expand their parking lot. There were about a dozen mature azalea plants on the slope that they hoped to expand. I went to the head of the library and asked them if the Boy Scouts could transplant the azaleas pretty much across the street to the privately owned nature sanctuary. We were given permission.
    That is the way a community is supposed to work and that is the way a publicly funded library should work.

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