Trudeau’s insane extrapolation on makeup and racism

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Race hustler, Al Sharpton weighs in



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7 Replies to “Trudeau’s insane extrapolation on makeup and racism”

  1. Al Sharpton has been working tirelessly toward screwing up the racial politics of the US for many decades now and he’s not slowing down. How in the name of Christ’s Wounds did The Reverend Al Sharpton become the main black American voice over so many years? I’ll betcha anything he’s a Goddamn KGB agent. He fits Yuri Besmenov’s profile to a “T” and he seems to have all this super support underneath him. Like, how the hell is he such a big deal…? And why didn’t he do time for inciting riots and getting people killed over the Rodney King LA riots? I heard him fan the flames and people died…

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