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9 Replies to “Good update on the biggest spy scandal in Canada’s history”

  1. During the Cold War British Intelligence was penetrated several times, and there are reports about several Soviet agents in the CIA. Looks like we are turning back the clock.

  2. Which brings to mind the two Canadians arrested in China as spies.
    And China is friendly with Iran.
    RCMP had four years to look for this mole and they dropped the ball. That’s what you get with diversity hiring,

  3. Yes, diversity. Remember the case two years ago when a Muslim woman working at CSIS claimed a human rights abuse, when in fact it was merely a ploy to damage the agency? The diversity card is all fun and games until it’s played for the benefit of inclusion but at the cost of national security. What does Stephen Coughlin say…”political correctness is the enforcement mechanism of multiculturalism…” Or something to this effect?

    Read this to fathom why exactly a nation requires high IQ, uncompromised natives with stainless-steel integrity. And btw if you’re not hetero you’re likely compromised like the guy is in this story:


  4. I think this compilation of 3 articles from 2017/2018/2019 will show how the diversity works in Berlin

    Berlin’s local press has been full of talk of unrest in the police force in recent days, with accusations being levelled against recruits from Arabic families. But the police chiefs say that the rumours are being fuelled by racism. (from Local 2017/11/08 How Berlin police are fighting off claims they have been infiltrated by mafia)

    the attitude test for the Berlin police is a joke! The questions are available on the Internet, are sent around in WhatsApp groups. You just have to memorize it. They’re always the same anyway. ”
    Police officer Michael P. says, “Even if the recruitment test is not passed, it can be repeated as often as you like. I have experienced applicants who have already done the test ten times
    (from bz-berlin 5 november 2018 So katastrophal geht es an der Berliner Polizeiakademie zu)

    Berlin. On RBB television, a Hamburg ex-policeman and ex-member of the Bundestag (Greens) reported on Thursday about the infiltration of the Berlin police. At least six Berlin policemen would work with clans, he told the radio Berlin-Brandenburg.On request of the Berliner Morgenpost, the prosecutor now confirmed that they have initiated investigations by official channels….
    In the past several cases came to light in Berlin, in which police officers were at least entangled in criminal machinations or were involved.
    (from morgenpost.de 23.02.19 berlin polizei von Clans unterwandert?)

    • Further to what I posted.
      I don’t think this spy scandal has anything to do with diversity. I think the guy was simply (!!!) selling information. And I think because he was specialist in East Asia countries and China he may have sold information to China and/or to crime organizations (Mafia, Triads, etc) . That is if he was doing it for money, Or he may have been a mole. If he was a mole (which is also probable) and his reasons were ideological then he probably sold info to Russia and/or to China.

  5. One of the charges stems from 2015. Other charges go back to September, 2018.
    Hmmmm. I am sure Justine will tell Canadians the truth, if he ever figures out what the meaning of the truth is.

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